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10 Great Search Engines You Can Use Instead of Google

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Google is a behemoth in the search engine world. With its powerful algorithms, dominant advertising platform, and personalized user experience, Google is a force to be reckoned with.

That said, Google’s easy-to-use interface and personalized user experience come at a cost.

Its no secret the search engine large catalogs the browsing habits of its users and shares that information with advertisers and other interested parties.

If you are unwanted to trade privacy for convenience, there are dozens of Google alternatives – many offering a better search experience.

List of  10 search alternatives to Google search engine.

  1. Bing

Bing is a search engine own and operated by Microsoft. The service has its origins in Microsoft’s previous search engines Bing image search performs flawlessly across all browsers, whereas Google image search seems to be optimized just for Chrome.

  1. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo doesn’t collect or store any of your personal information. That means you can run your searches in peace without having to worry about the boogeyman watching you through your computer screen and If you are looking for true privacy, DuckDuckGo is the search engine for you.

  1. is the perfect search engine for those who appreciate community-led information is the perfect search engine for those who appreciate community-led information as found on sites like Wikipedia.

  1. Twitter

Twitter Use Advanced Search to find the latest news and world events faster. Find popular people, hashtags and photos for any topic you can imagine. Its the perfect place to go for a minute by minute updates in the case of an emergency. Google algorithm will catch up eventually, but nothing beats a Tweet in the heat of the moment.

  1. CC Search

This search engine is perfect if you need music for a video, an image for a blog post, or anything else without worrying about an angry artist coming after you for ripping off their work.


A Startpage search engine, the new private way to search Google. Protect your Privacy with Startpage making it perfect for those who prefer Google’s search results without having to worry about their information being tracked and stored.


This unique search engine allows you to search for documented slideshow presentations.SlideShare also allows you to save slides and even download the entire slideshow for use on your local computer.

  1. Ecosia

This may come as a surprise, but your Google searches actually contribute to the creation of quite a bit of CO2. To battle this issue, Ecosia uses the revenues generated from search engine queries to plant trees. Typically Ecosia needs around 45 searches to plant a new tree.


This search engine queries its results from a wide variety of message boards and forums online. You should be able to find the forum you want with just a few keystrokes.

10.Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt was designed from the ground up with privacy as its core value. Search Encrypt protects your privacy by encrypting your search terms, expiring.One of the best parts of Search Encrypt is that your search terms will eventually expire, so your information will remain private even if someone has local access to your computer.


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