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10 Ultimate Fashion and Beauty tips for Girls to follow


Everybody carries their own fashion sense, it can vary from person to person and why it shouldn’t be. After all every individual can have their own way of styling themselves. But there are certain fashion tips you can add to your fashion habits which will make you stand apart and more adorable from others. So here I am going to add all those tips for you girls, so have a look on these useful fashion tips.

Here are the some fashions and beauty Tips for you: –

  1. If you want to make your legs appear long then wear pinpointed tip shoes or footwear, you can also wear shoes of the same color as of your trouser for long legs.
  2. If you are going to show off some skin, going to wear skirt or shorts then cover up completely from top portion and vice versa to have an elegant and attractive look.
  3. Try to pick up necklaces according to the necklines of your dresses it can be a top, crop top, one piece, maxi dress, aline dresses, jumpsuits, cocktail dress, Indian dress or anything else you casually wear or love to wear.
  4. Give your hairs a longer and bouncy appearance by making two ponytails one above another and by providing a one inch distance between the both ponytails and then to make the distance disappear wrap both the ponytails with a part of hair all around the two bands to make them appear as one.
  5. To give your torso a longer look, make use of V-neck tops.
  6. Want to prevent your silver jewelry from turning greenish and from losing its original shine, paint up them with transparent nail paint.
  7. When you are about to buy Jackets, Blazers just keep one basic thing in mind that it should properly fit on your shoulders as because of the fact that otherwise it will give a loose look and at the same will increase your expense of fitting charges. Also these are not easy to get altered or fitted even after having a perfect tailor on your end.
  8. Every girl wants to have beautiful looking lips and for that you can use lip colors. For getting a perfect lip color the first thing you need to know & understand about your undertones according to your skin color and then can go for nudes, plumps and brights after various shades of trial of different lip colors.
  9. Every girl wants to have beautiful looking and appealing eyes and for that I have a special eye makeup tip for you, if you want to make your eye color stand out apply black liner including the water line around the entire eye.
  10. Last but not the least the most important thing related to beauty and somehow connected to fashion in deep sense that give a complete attention to your health by performing activities like exercise, Yoga, Meditation and taking a complete sleep and proper diet. It will undoubtedly help to increase your beauty and glow as well.


Hope this tips will help you girls. Let me know about your views in the comment section below and something of value to add in the article, your tips are most welcomed.

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