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A Product Recommendation System That Revolutionizes Online Fashion Shopping

The way we see and admire fashion can never change in the near future. Trends might come and go, but to pick fashionable clothing we need to see it. Experience its beauty and get the feel that it is just the thing that we need to wear. With the advent of online fashion stores, that enthralling experience of shopping has taken a beating.

Most online stores want customers to help themselves to browse and find fashion of their choice. Given the millions of choices that some stores provide and the not so great interface, it is not always that a customer gets to buy what he/she really needs. Most often, they also tend to abandon carts when they are unable to find a slightly different model or pattern of their choice of clothing.

That is when online product recommendation system like come into play. This article will discuss in short words how customers as well as online fashion owner gains by equipping estores with artificial intelligence based product recommendation tools like

For customers: Retains the excitement, makes shopping enthralling

Enhanced user experience Custom recommendations
An online fashion store enabled with an ecommerce recommendation engine has a better if not superior shopping experience. Customers tend to feel the same feeling that one gets when attended to by a real sales assistant.


The beauty of a visual recommendation system is that they make the customer feel valued and attended to – a feature that was absent in online stores until now.

Customers stand to gain from artificial intelligence based product recommendation engines that hit the sweet spot on meeting their tastes and preferences aptly. The ecommerce personalization engine data mines the customer’s past shopping behaviour, age or gender based shopping preferences and so on to suggest specific products that they will be interested in.

For online fashion store owners: Improves business efficiency by notches

An online recommendation engine can help the store owner of an online fashion store effectively.

Having doubts? Read on to know how an artificial intelligence ecommerce tool can help boost an online clothing store business.

Duplicate product detection

As far as online fashions store owner (or admin as they are called) is concerned, duplicate entries or item clones are a real menace. The real trouble sees when customers start ordering the same product with varying price tags. In some cases, where the product is sold at lesser prices, it might even cause a loss for the store.

On the flip side, the customer might also feel that the store is mismanaged and lacks the perfection of a professional fashion store. Needless to say it will also lead to customer disputes when the prices are changed randomly.

With the help of an artificial intelligence technology based ecommerce personalization engine like Things get easier to detect clone product entries. Such duplicates which could have crept as in as a result of inadvertence can be easily dealt with on a routine basis to improve customer experience.

Insightful analytics

Every store owner needs to know how much has been sold through his store, how much time did a customer spent online in his store before making a purchasing decision, what kinds of activities the customer performed before making the purchase and so on. In other words, the power of analytic reports that give spot on trends about the store’s performance is a prerequisite for decision making and future planning. as a powerful online recommendation engine gathers information using artificial intelligence and delivers it to store owners in the form of colorful charts and graphs. This makes business analysis and decision making easier than ever before.

Multiple store management made easier

If you are an online fashion store owner who is grappling under the pressure of managing multiple online stores, has the perfect solution for you. The visual recommendation system can be turned on or off for multiple stores as easy with a single tap on the screen. All the recommendations can be managed from a single interface even from a remote location. Nothing can prove to be more useful for an entrepreneur with multiple online fashion stores.

The Bottom line

What a product recommendation tool does to an online fashion store is simply ground breaking. It gives the online store a unique identity as it is able to suggest better products that aptly meet the tastes and preferences of the customer.

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