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Advantages Of Mobile Friendly Websites


Present market is of Mobiles. Mobiles’ surfing is increasing day by day and hence the market of mobiles too. On that note it is a must have or necessary step to take in action is to make websites optimized for mobiles. It is necessary because of a number of reasons for which people use mobile phones in present date like for taking pictures, selfies, sending mails, social sites usage and last but not the least for internet surfing for their varied needs.
So decision of making mobile friendly website is a good decision and the advantages you will leverage from mobile optimized webiste are as follows:-

  • Enhances User experience

Mobile optimized websites enhances user experience as no one wants to open a desktop site on a mobile and ruin his/her experience of surfing.

  • Enhanced Mobile SEO

According to the mobilegeddon algorithm of google it is necessary to have mobile optimized websites in order to enhance the user experience of users as because of the fact that now it considers it is a ranking signal.

  • Competitive benefit above Your competitors

Also provides an competitive benefit above Your competitors if they do not have any optimized website for mobile.
Hope this article has helped you all to understand the importance of having a mobile friendly website. Pour your comments about the article in the section below.

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