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Aptoide apk download for android smartphone

Aptoide apk download for android smartphone

Google and Google products have always been in the market. No doubt, they are authentic and  provide good usability to users. From the release of the Android open source free platform, Google has made billions apart from what it makes from its search engine. Android has turned out to be a game changer for the company in many ways. First of all, being a free platform, it is so compatible that it can be even fixed in a $50 smartphone with the limited number of hardware configurations. Plus, the features offered by the android platform are so cool and mind blowing. The android platform has brought a big change in how we used to use our smartphones earlier. The all new touch interface proved to provide a magic feel and the android apps made the whole concept more strong and apt. But as it goes, there are many more talented people who can provide the same concept in a better way. Till now, you could only download the android apps from the Google Play Store, but, now, you have an amazing alternate platform to fulfill your need. The name of the platform is aptoide. Aptoide is nothing but a cool app which provided a gateway to the aptoide marketplace from where you can download the coolest and the latest android apps for free. In the recent time, aptoide app has turned out to be one of the biggest platforms competing with Google in the global market. This is because the aptoide app has many features which you were missing in the Google Play Store. I will be discussing these features with you shortly and will be also giving you the official link from where you can make the aptoide apk free download for your device.


First, let us see the features of the aptoide app and how is it different from the Google Play Store.

Aptoide app features

1) The aptoide app is available in more than 20 global languages.

2) Aptoide apk is being downloaded more than 2 billion times globally till date.

3) All the applications on the aptoide marketplace are available for free, even the premium ones.

4) Many apps you won’t be able to find on the Google Platy Store even.

5) Download more than 65500 applications from the aptoide marketplace.

6) The interface of the app is quite sober and easy to understand.

7) Enable automatic downloads.

8) You can put up your individual market on the aptoide app using its premium version.

9) Aptoide apps can be downloaded in countries like China and Russia where Google is banned.

10) Aptoide app can be played on your smartphone, smart TV and even on your PC.

So these are some of the features of the aptoide app which distinguish the app from the Google Play Store.

Aptoide is a masterpiece and is currently being managed by the company CM Software. CM Software is a flagship owner of the open source CynogenMod which is the most famous open source platform available for the android lovers.

Coming to the download part of the software.

Aptoide apk download

Click Here  to download aptoide.

Downloading the aptoide app is a simple task with a little twist. The twist is that you won’t be able to find this application on the Google Play Store. Google remarks the application as a threat and a malicious app. Although, we know the real reason behind the remarks.

You can download the aptiode apk from the official site. Don’t worry, the app is thoroughly tested and implemented. It will take you to a whole new android marketplace that you have been waiting for. Providing all the application for free doesn’t mean that the application is a threat to your smartphone in any case. Remember, android is a free platform, so should the apps also.

So, after downloading the apk file from the above link, follow the below steps in order to install the app on your device. The link will show you different versions for the app, lite, android and smart TV. Download aptoide version which suits you for.

Follow the following steps after that.

Step 1:

Downloading the app from a third party needs a little change in your smartphone settings.

Go to Settings -> Security -> Click “Unknown Resources” -> OK -> Download.

Step 2:

Go to Download and -> Click on the Aptoide APK file to install on your Smartphone.

Step 3:

After the successful installation of the application, you can access the android marketplace on the aptoide app. Download the best apps for free.

Do share this post with your friends. Do comment the name of the first android app that you downloaded using the aptoide apk.

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