The printing technology has become one of the best options in terms of its specialization of the high-quality ink and the value it gives to the products. So, let us have a quick glance at its aspects.



The 3D   printing is used to decorate the objects by placing layers one above the other, so, this method works attractively well in comparison to many other traditional techniques. Though it is not easy to replace all the other existing methods of printing, yet this has proved to be the best option because of the ease of the quick delivery of designs. the final material that is obtained out of it has higher accuracy. So, it is essential to have a good knowledge about the advantages of this printing in order to allow the designers to find the best options to make the printing an optimised one.

                The speed is better than the traditional methods. There are also certain complex designs that can be directly uploaded from the CAD models and the printing can be successful one just within few hours. There is also an ease of the rapid verifications of the models and also the development that is needed in the designs. In the past, there was an engagement of days together and sometimes even months to print certain surfaces. There was a requirement of larger spans to even add an attractive surface to the smaller volumes, so, this is an added advantage to the traditional methods.



one of the biggest factors that matters the time for the printing session is the how to manufacture the available parts with the best efficiency. So, some of these often require a larger number of steps to complete the entire procedure, so, these higher number of steps usually spoil the brightness of the products when they move from one hand to the other for their optimization. But this is totally different in 3D   printing. The procedures begin with the CAD models. After the finishing of the designs, there is the step for the fabrication that usually begins with the cutting of the steel profiles. These profiles, however, demand a proper size. After this step, there is a requirement to clamp them into positions and then there is a welding of one at a time. This gives rise to the formations of the brackets. There is also the availability of the custom jigs that also enhance the looks. This all ensures that the components are righteously aligned. After the completion of the step, the welds that are developed are polished in order to provide the good surface finishes, after this step, there are easy holes drilled in order to give them a proper look on the walls.

So, we can realize how beautiful and easy it is to craft almost anything with the 3D   printing.



There are certainly cheap and affordable printers that can be a bright idea for anyone who wants to go with these technology to professional levels.

                The “Printrbot Play 1505 3D   printer” can be the best 3D   printer under 500 in 2018. This is one that suits the budget of maximum companies. The flame that is used in these printers are the PLA ones and is also a portable one with the smaller footprint. Moreover, the material that makes the frame region is the powder coated one that has the excellent feature of the auto calibration. This ensures that the print bed is totally updated in order to get the accurate printing. The software that is available in the form of the Cura printing is too easy to be harnessed to get some knowledge about the printing technology. This printer that has become one of the most appreciated ones by the customers for its durability and versatility. This can be used at companies, home as well as the classrooms. Advantages:

There are certain advantages making it are a special one. The resolution of the print is usually 50 microns that makes its quality better than many other printers,’        Moreover, there is also a choice for the customers whether to go for the preassembled or the unassembled format. However, what makes this an attractive option is that there is no difference for the price of both the printer, this can be used by the children right at the houses, the extruder cover and also the fan shrouds make it quite safe too be used.

                The only drawback that comes with this product is the print area that is too small and may not prove to be good for the customers that needs too much time and effort for the printing.



There are certain printers that look excellent, are excellent by their work and also the price. Such printers can be the perfect choice for the people. The best 3D   printer under 500$ in this category is the “New Matte MOD-t printer”. This is a 3D   printer that has gained huge acknowledgement. This also the best option to get smaller surfaces printed with the high quality of effect. There is never a requirement of huge spaces for installing this device on the desks, the compact design makes eths possible, though the printer available with all the safety, the open ends may also make it look attractive in the form of the classroom printers, the filament that is used in printing is the “PLA filaments”. There is also an additional option for the Wi-Fi technology that makes the printing even easier. There is never an involvement of unnecessary sound with this writer that makes it an ideal one. For this reason, this can be used anywhere in the homes, offices and even the schools.


Having a quick glance at the advantages may make IRS a perfect choice for tech customers:

  • The weight of the printers is too less about only 12lbs that makes it a perfect options o be carried from one place to the other, the footprint area is also a smaller one that makes it a portable device.
  • The printing areas are fully enclosed that makes it a safer option or the children.
  • There is never an involvement of the unnecessary sounds.

There are only a few disadvantages like the limited option available with the printing software and also the minimum of the advanced settings that do not make it beneficial. There is no option to use the SD cards that makes it sometimes terrible.

There are many sides of the printer in term of its qualities. There are some upsides as well as downsides. All one need to know is to figure out how helpful the features may be and whether the products are suitable or not.

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