Best Tips for Using Instagram Hashtags


Instagram hashtags are cool and fun parts of the app’s experience, especially when it gives magnanimous visibility, thus shooting up likes and comments for your posts.

Whether you are managing a business account or your own personal account, we all love to put in one or two hashtags that reinforce the message in our photos or videos. Of course, there is that smile and sense of satisfaction when the likes and comments buzz our notifications.

However, Instagram hashtags can put you through a maze especially when you are looking to grow your account. From stressing about the best way to go about it to identifying the most suitable hashtags and all other important steps to getting it right.

The underlining factor here is that your hashtags have to be Instagram-optimized, otherwise the fun will fade away and you won’t achieve the right results.

So what do you do when using Instagram Hashtags?

If you are managing a business account, it is quite important for you to create a content calendar that will guide you on how and when you post. This will serve as a guide to helping you search and build the right hashtag bible.

Personal pages do not demand having a routine calendar, but it’s best to be aware of certain tips that will help you grow a healthy amount of followers and make friends on the gram.

Here are key tips to know when using Instagram hashtags

Start off with a Hashtag Bible

If you already have a content calendar, this should be quite an easy job. All you have to do is search for hashtags which are relevant to your contents and put them down using a word document or an excel sheet.

There are several tools like Previewapp that are useful in discovering relevant hashtags or you can use generic hashtags from the Instagram app.

Take Notes of Your Hashtags

Ensure that you take notes and keep track of all the hashtags you have applied to your contents, how often they have been put to use, and which ones co-relate to your most liked or commented on posts. This should help you establish a relationship between certain hashtags and the posts that do well on your account. That way you can revise your hashtag bible and make a decision on which ones are most suitable to your content.

Tools like Iconosquare automatically saves hashtags and creates reports on which hashtags perform best.

Keep Your Hashtags Narrowed

Avoid using broad hashtags for Instagram to avoid being sorted into a much larger competitive pool. Instagram users are more likely to respond to specific hashtags when conducting a search.

Keeping hashtags narrowed to only what interests your brand or personality will help you get discovered by the right people and also put you in the right competition pool.

Know What Your Competitors Are Using

Don’t be shy to do research on what type of hashtags your competitors are using. You can also play around with hashtags used by accounts that are just like yours or operating a similar business. Also, influencers have a big and loyal following so it will do you good to try out some of the hashtags those within your industry are using.

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