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Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins 2017

WordPress Testimonial Plugins

A Testimonial plays an important role in promoting your product or services and build trust. A testimonial helps to boost conversions. Because of its big advantages, it became an important element of a website. In WordPress, you can easily add testimonials to your website with a plugin. There are many WordPress testimonial plugins available which help to add testimonials on the website easily. Here we are sharing most popular WordPress testimonial plugins.

    • Testimonial Rotator: The testimonial rotator is popular WordPress plugin to add testimonials. It provides features to display testimonials in a slider. You can include author info and start ratings in a testimonial and also create custom testimonials.
    • WP Customer Reviews: This is best WordPress testimonial plugin that allows to adding start rating and admin response section into testimonials.
    • Easy Testimonials: This WordPress plugin provides user-friendly interface and features. You can testimonial on any page of the website and add images and links in the testimonial.
    • Testimonial Basics: If you are looking for a free WordPress testimonial plugin then you should try Testimonial Basics. It provides many useful and advanced features to allow the user to add testimonials from widget and content section. With testimonial basics, you can add start ratings, customized text, and slider for testimonials.
    • Testimonials Widget: You can display your testimonial in a slide or list style. It also provides a responsive slider for testimonials and allows the user to filter testimonials by post id, category, and tag.
    • Strong testimonials: The Strong Testimonials is the popular plugin which provides fully featured and customizable front-end form to display testimonials. It provides list and slide style of display and categories testimonials.

  • Testimonials WordPress Plugin: If you want a Premium WordPress plugin for testimonials to add testimonials professionally, then you should definitely choose Testimonials WordPress Plugin. It is a top rated and useful plugin that provides facilities. Their lots of display options for testimonials like the list, grid, a slider with thumbnails, and slideshow with start rating. You can also change the background colors, outlines, font types, display testimonials as speech bubbles.

We hope this list will help you to choose the best plugin to add testimonials on your website.

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