Cyware: The Magna Carta of Cyber Situational Awareness


Cyware is a first of its kind platform that works towards disseminating cyber situational awareness among its users, both professional and general internet users. The target is clear for the people working behind Cyware platform. They know the next generation cyber threats cannot be fought unless the user is aware of whom and what he is fighting against. It’s a well-established fact now that fool proof cyber security to the digital assets cannot be ensured unless a system is developed that dynamically consumes information from cyberspace; does a quick analysis of it, takes the meaningful data and uses that to make amends and plug in the vulnerabilities in the system and this is exactly the task that Cyware performs.

Cyware, a cyber situational awareness platform, continuously keeps monitoring the internet for all the news articles published on cyber space. It crawls through the hundreds and thousands of news articles published over the internet on cyber news, chooses the best ones that come from highly credible and well reputed sources, and summarizes the meaningful information (while retaining the essential data) in a short summary that can be readily consumed by the user. Cyware not only makes it easy for the user to understand and become aware but also allows him/her to easily disseminate the information further by sharing it with the leadership team, clients, peers, and operations security team.

The Cyware platform when integrated with cyber security framework of an organization not only helps in inculcating cyber situational awareness but also acts as a force multiplier. The timely feeds act as cyber threat intelligence allowing the organization a time window to take proactively take necessary steps to prevent the breach. The awareness so generated by Cyware feeds helps the operations security professionals to consider the unconventional designs and patterns where they are least likely to look for a malware and vulnerability. Thus, situational awareness helps weed out even sophisticated malwares from the networks. Cyware also provides a platform for organizations that helps send threat alerts, best practices, cyber safety tips and practices to employees. Additionally, the platform also creates a reciprocatively relationship between the OpSec team and the employees wherein the latter reports any suspicious activity. The best thing that Cyware does is that it makes the employee of an organization a stakeholder in cyber security thus increasing the eyes and ears of the cyber security team.

A fight against the faceless enemy and that too hundreds and thousands of them cannot be won unless we know where to look out for the enemy and that requires an active cyber conscience. The cyber conscience can be gained only through cyber situational awareness that platforms like Cyware provide. When seen in the background of the threats and threat actors pillaging networks across different industries daily, using Cyware platform does not only become necessary but imperative for every organization. Indeed, it is the Magna Carta of situational awareness.

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