EdTech and Artificial Intelligence

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Educational Technology is the integration of technology and its tools into education for a better interest and understanding of the students. In other words, it is the study and practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by developing, utilizing & administering the appropriate technological processes and resources. The EdTech is a hot trend in today’s education industry and have been making mark very fast. It has already proven to benefit the students in their approach towards competition and life along with securing good marks in the examinations.

Changing trends of Education

An individual, while getting huge educational benefits from the technological tools, must not forget that technology is only to enhance, but it is the teachers / lecturers / professors / mentors who were, are and will always be important to provide knowledge to the students. This is because education is not only about mugging up the subject matters, scoring good in the examinations and get jobs. Education is a life-long process which teaches the attitude & various skills that one needs to survive in the long-run. Education also instills the positive value into an individual. This is the reason why many MBA Colleges in Telangana have started re-structuring their curriculum with more practical activities that will help in shaping the students in a way, which will help them to fight & succeed in the highly competitive environment. The change in the approach of education today not only forces the students to improve their know-how and usability of technology but also leads the teachers to get adapted to update themselves on a regular basis to keep up with the ever-changing world. However, most of the teachers today lacks the qualitative ability to teach the students.

In recent times, the instructors or the lecturers cannot just brag about having years of experiences. Along with that they need to understand the importance of education and that the students are the central unit of the system. They need to maintain their quality by updating themselves and their teaching pattern according to the changing trends. Also, not to mention while discipline is mandatory, restricting or limiting the students in every possible thing leads to negative impact on the minds of the individuals as well as the learner-pedagogue relationship.

Do technology help us ?

Technology, the driving force of education in this era, is wide and everyone has their own way of understanding the definition. In layman’s term, technology can be defined as the products or processes developed by the application of science, which are used to simplify our daily lives. Technology is used in almost every sector of one’s daily lives be it in Education, communication, at work or for scaling businesses. The opportunities of technology are massive and can be taken the utmost benefit if applied or used properly. Many businesses are using more & more technology to create new products and/or services, deliver them and to stay competitive. This is the reason why the students who study technology are and will be in great demand in the upcoming times. The students who pursue Bachelors in Computer Applications or the BCA Course are the major look-outs for the next several years.

Artificial Intelligence – Boon or Bane

However, the introduction and development of Artificial intelligence are having some adverse effect into job creation as it proves to be cost-effective & efficient and helps in cost-cutting of the Organizations. While there has been a long-going debate whether the AI is good or bad, where Elon Musk opposes warns that AI could bring in existential crisis for humans, others in the tech-space believes that it can actually prove to be a boon in various spheres of life. We humans have to wait and see how Artificial Intelligence emerges to be a positive life-changer or a disaster.

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