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India is the fast growing country and in competition to its competitors it is doing great. But this is not the end rather just the start to reach in the memorable history.

India has the beauty which is spoken all over the world. But we lack the cleanliness to an extent. Though with the upcoming of various government programmes like swatch bharat abhiyan we have improved in terms of cleanliness. But in long run we need to find permanent solutions to make our environment clean and better for living. The main cause of pollution in the environment is harmful gases which are produced by burning the fossil fuels, to accelerate the vehicle to reach the destination. Non-renewable sources like Diesel and petrol are and are scare in nature and contribute 80% in creating pollution. India is the 4th largest country in the consumption of such fossils from Middle East and other countries supplying crude oil and other resources.


And soon these resource would be part of past because the upgraded technologies are performing better in terms of customer satisfaction along with climate responsive solutions. The companies like tesla have come up with aesthetically great and better cars running on electricity; known as plug in cars or e-cars. These car gets charged by an external source and its energy is saved in rechargeable batteries to allow the wheels reach the destination.


With the up gradation in technology the cities like Germany, USA has already adopted such cars and electric charging stations in their cities. India being developing country will grasp this opportunity in the near future. Though we have three charging stations in our country but only one is used the most. Because people still are unaware of such up gradation but one day all the fossils would come to an end and then an alternative will have to be generated, and in coming 10 years this scenario would change. Even in Nagpur, the first electric cars are launched in the tie up with ola company. And this will come across the whole country and would change the road side scenario and the car experience of the user.

Initially the cars may seem expensive. But when we look into its benefits. It is very economical. Because it can be charged with the help of solar panels also, which uses the unlimited supply of energy of sun instead of paying the fluctuating prices of resources which harm the environment drastically.

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