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Everything That You Need to Know about Alzheimer’s Disease


Being featured on the sixth position as the leading cause of death in all over the United States, the Alzheimer’s Association has named the Alzheimer disease to be one of the most detrimental diseases in the aging population. The report published by the association also discloses that evidently, more than 5 million Americans are suffering from the disease. While the researchers have been working day in and day out for finding the exact cure of the disease, there has not yet been a major development yet. On the positive side, applications like DNA sequencing have turned out to be a great diagnostic medium to identify the hereditary roots of this serious kind of dementia.

The Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease

Known for damaging your brain, Alzheimer’s disease is also infamous for some adverse mental side effects such as memory loss and low thinking capability that keeps on decreasing gradually with each passing day. The recently developed DNA sequencing method which is completely laboratory-based defines how the genes have something to do with serious cases of dementia. Researchers who have performed the method of DNA sequencing believe that the damage and ill-effects of the Alzheimer’s start a decade prior to the surfacing of the actual symptoms. With DNA sequencing, scientists have been able to gather the genetic information that has helped drawing important conclusions.

With that being said, here are some of the major causes of Alzheimer’s disease that you should know:

Genetic Mutations

Although there are a lot of researches going on to understand the diseases, it is an undeniable truth that the actual causes of the disease are not yet deciphered completely. However, there has been some advancement as mentioned above that links the disease with hereditary components. For instance, there is a report that describes that people whose former family chain members had the disease are more likely to acquire it too. For more details, you can visit websites like


With the growing age, you become more susceptible to the major factors that are the leading causes of the disease. According to a survey in 2010, it was found that there were 4.7 million individuals who belonged to the age group of 60 years old and above were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Out of which 1.8 million were either 80 years or above and the remaining 2.3 million and 0.7 million belonged to the 75 years and above and 65 years old and above respectively.


It has been cited by most scientists that Alzheimer’s is more common among women than men. Although the disease cannot be termed as “gender-specific”, researchers have backed up this theory with the fact that women tend to live longer compared to that of men. Therefore, women are more likely to encounter the symptoms of Alzheimer’s in their late senior days. Another study suggests that the hormone estrogen that is found in women has something to do with the disease. After the menopause period, levels of estrogen gradually decrease and it has an adverse effect on the brain cells during the old age.


Other factors that lead to Alzheimer’s include sleep disorder, lifestyle and its effects on the heart health along with the environmental factors. The only cure for Alzheimer’s currently is knowledge, so make sure that you keep these points in mind.

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