Feminism: Empowerment or Else


According to me the most worthless thing happening these days is Woman Empowerment. Feminists have completely changed the definition of empowerment. And to be honest, feminism seriously has no points in the kind of message it is trying to convey. Nowadays, ladies like Rani Lakshmi Bai, Kalpana Chawla, Saina Nehwal are no more role models for upliftment of women. What empowerment means these days is more of skin show, indulging into things like smoking and drinking, or even getting your body inked. I mean, what the hell! I genuinely have no problem with girls wearing shorts, boozing all day and getting tats, but I just want to know, how these things are a sign of upliftment, in any case. The way you carry yourself is your personal choice. The society shouldn’t judge you on that. If they do, they’re wrong. But the kind of work you do, portrays your identity and character directly, and the society can very well put an opinion on that. When we talk of an army-man, the adjective, respectworthy, itself adds to it. The same way, if we talk of a sex-worker, there develops a kind of negativity in our mind for that person, automatically. I know a number of people would disagree with me on this, but this is the truth, believe it or not. A normal man would never want his child to come up to him and say,” Mom, Dad..I wanna be a porn star, prostitute or sex worker”. I don’t consider sex, a taboo, but flashing it in the public is not open mindedness either. Sex is a very important part of life. It is when someone completely devotes his soul, mind and body to his partner to feel connected, leaving behind the stress and tension of the day, for eternal pleasure and relaxation, in a closed room, privately. It is the talking of two bodies. Making public nudity, an expression of sex, in the name of free mindedness and trying to use it as a tool for the up-gradation of the society is neither elegant nor acceptable and completely irrelevant too. Clothes were developed when civilization came in. Promoting nudity as freedom is just like declaring yourself from an uncivilized society. The only difference between the sex workers of India and the US is that, in the US, porn stars and prostitutes are more commonly accepted by the public (since it is legal there) in comparison to India. Their job is neither respected there, nor over here. Doesn’t make India narrow minded, anyway.

India is a land of cultures and traditions, and if we keep destroying it, just because the westerns don’t have it, would make us look like morons. If we drain everything that belongs to our land, what would be left with us then? Just a tag of copy cats? Oh, we wouldn’t want that. That’d be so insulting, right? Then why do we import such activities from there? Because that’s what makes us broad minded as per the new norms of feminists and intellects these days. Slut is used as a slang for verbally abusing someone, not just in India but everywhere. It would be unfair, rather racial to call India backward now. The mindset of people in India is no different from that of the people in the western or other countries. It’s just that the number varies. And so does the population. People are meant to cover their bodies, being a part of a civilized country. Showing off your privates publicly, just because they are a part of your body, and you find no reason to hide them, makes no sense at all. An explanation like such, can reach any extent, that too without any logic. It’s my body, it’s my saliva, so I’ll spit openly, as there is nothing to hide about your body and we are proud of everything it has. There is nothing wrong with a boy wearing low waist jeans and a girl wearing cleavage flaunting tops (though the former is irritating and the latter is eye catching as explained by many men and women). It is their personal sense of styling. But considering this as empowerment is wrong. I was shocked by an article that I read recently. Our tricolor flag is something that every Indian respects a lot. Apart from that, it also has a set of rules upon its usage, attached to it, by the government. The article showed the painting of an Indian lady wearing a multicolored bikini with our Ashok Chakra in the middle on its white panel. Is this seriously what is to be considered upliftment of Indian women? Had a boy worn an underwear with our national flag printed on it, would it be considered as male domination? Then how do you portray a tricolor bikini as women empowerment in India. The thing is, feminism today, is a very baseless topic. It has no clarity in its preachings and has rather diverted from its main objective of actually empowering women. Conclusion says, it’d be better if people look for equality instead of gender based ideals. The want for unnecessary diversification may sometimes lead to self-destruction. It’s best to stick to your roots and diversify within or maybe beyond that, but not on the cost of your land.

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