Find Destinations for Spicy Foods


1.     China – China is also a spicy food lover country. In every Chinese food you can find spices. Chilli is the main spice in China.

2.     Mexico – Cuisine is the famous food of Mexico. There is no taste in cuisine if you take away chillies out of it. There are many kinds of chillies grown in mexico including Poblano, Jalapeno, Serrano, Ancho and Habanero etc.

3.     Thailand – If you are in search for spicy food, then there is no better place than Thailand. There are wide ranges of spicy street food found in Thailand. Thailand is best known for its see food and spicy fish and red curry sauce.

4.     India – There are too many spices found in India. In Indian daily food, spices are the main food category in India. Red chilli, Black Pepper, Black Cardamom, Capsicum, Bay leaf, Cloves, Coriander, Sweet Neem and a lot of other are the main spices in India. These spices are used in daily food in India.

5.     Jamaica- Jamaica is an Island country situated in Caribbean Sea. The Jamaica is very popular for its spices. There are many spices found in Jamaican food.

6.     Malaysia – Spices in Malaysia are mixed with all the spices in Asia. The food of Malaysia is quite spicy. Otak Otak is one of most famous spicy food in Malaysia.

7.     Ethiopia – When it comes to Ethiopian spicy food you can conclude without describing Berbere and Matmita. These are the mixes of popular spices in Ethiopia.

8.      Bhutan – All the popular dices in Bhutan contain spices like Ema Datshi, Phaksha Paa etc. Bhutal I very popular for its spices.

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