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It’s not too hard to find a word processing program these days that comes with a built-in spell checking utility. In fact, many of them will check your spelling in real time as you type out those words on the screen. That’s very handy, but spelling all your words correctly is only one small part of what makes for good writing. If I were to say that there are many other parts, the spell checker wouldn’t pick that up as a mistake.

To additional explain and increase what you are attempting to communicate, it could be an excellent idea to use some of the writing applications listed below. They go beyond very simple dictionary-fueled spelling to discover improved grammar, choosing more common words and employing easier language. After all, the purpose is you want to be realized, right?

XKCD Simple Writer

This is the same xkcd responsible for the entertaining stick determine web comic. If your goal is to make sure your writing is recognized by as large an audience as achievable, it’s in your most effective attention to pare down on your vocabulary and stick with words and phrases that more people will know. The XKCD Simple Writer provides you a text field where you can type immediately or you can copy and paste your articles. Once you do, any words that are over and above the 1,000 most commonly used words in English will be outlined in red and will be shown in the part at the bottom of the web page. Keeping away from the term “social networks” or “social media” might be difficult when you’re discussing about Twitter or Facebook, but at least Easy Writer will let you know those terms are rarely common.

Word Counter

Whether you’re assigned with composing a college research document or you’re putting together a business offer, you may be arrested for adhering within a particular variety of words or variety of words range. Most word processor chips have the ability to depend the amount of words in your current papers, but useful composing applications like Term Reverse take that further. You not only get to see the amount of figures, phrases and sections, but perhaps more extremely, you can also check the measured studying level, studying efforts and discussing time, the last of which is perfect for composing presentations. The keyword and key phrase solidity table can be extremely useful too.


Perhaps one of the best well-known writing apps on the Online today is Grammarly, the purpose of which is to support you “become a better writer.” As its identity indicates, this tool will search via your writing for grammar errors, as well as parts that may not actually be errors but could still be improved. What’s great is that a lot of of your mistakes will not only be outlined, but Grammarly will describe why they are mistakes in the 1st place. You can even use Grammarly all around the internet with the Chrome extension.

Hemingway Editor

To be the best, in some cases you need to copy the ideal. While it may not help you author the next The Old Man and the Sea, the Hemingway Editor will make your writing “bold and clear.” It’s identical, in some ways, to Expresso in that it features stylistic options you ought to make. It appears to be for phrases that are too difficult, too heavy, or too winding. If you have a phrase that features in too much information, it’ll tell you to divided it up. The Hemingway App also looks for needlessly complicated words or where you could substitute passive voice with active speech.

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