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Freewill Personalised Shampoo Conditioner as Unique as You

In today’s time and age, when millennials are obsessed with having everything their own way, why are we still relying on hair products that have been created for a mass audience? It is time to bid goodbye to buying off luxury shampoos from shelves, not knowing whether it is the one for you or not. With the launch of Freewill, you can now have your very own personalised shampoo and conditioner at your doorstep.

Freewill is a unique new concept in the market, and is first of its kind that changes according to each individual’s hair type, city, weather, lifestyle and goals. All you need to do is log on to their user-friendly and comprehensive website and answer some easy questions regarding your hair quality. These questions are regarding the texture of your hair, any chemical treatment that you’ve had (such as straightening, waving etc), length, whether your hair is dry or oily, etc. Just create your hair profile by answering these simple questions which will not take you more than 5 minutes, and leave the rest to them.

Once your hair profile is complete, their scientists get down to create a product, only for you, keeping your needs and goals in mind. We truly believe that each individual is unique, and hence their shampoos should be unique as well. The products are made of some of the most high quality ingredients that will not harm your hair in any way. The formulas are natural, and hence will not harm you in any way. Freewill is one of the very few brands internationally that use exotic ingredients in their products, ranging from avocado extracts to Murumuru butter.

It is time for traditional ideas of beauty to scoot over and usher in an era of beauty being managed by artificial intelligence. Using new technologies, they have made it possible to solve hair problems that were extremely hard to manage before. They have designed systems that analyse your hair profile and create shampoos and conditioners that will make your hair shine like never before!
If different weather conditions impact us all in different ways, why are we subscribing to one weather shampoo that solves the problem of dry scalp? Similar to our brains and bodies that are complex and unique, so is our skin and hair type. This fact is the reason behind the surge of customised beauty productions all around the world right now.

There is a science to great hair, and Freewill is on the way to achieving the perfect custom formulas for your hair. Whether your problems are very basic like Dryness, Frizziness or Oily Scalp or more specific problems like UV, Pollution or Colour-Protection, they have solutions for all.

One of the most exciting factors about their product is that they will deliver you your shampoo and conditioner bottles in colours of your own choice with your name printed on them. Invest in Freewill products, and say goodbye to bad hair days!

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