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Although change is the only constant in the world, we often search for things or places that have at least one or two things in common. Similar is with the country we look for higher education. Like India, there are a handful of countries that are diverse, multicultural, amiable, and safe. To name one, France is one such country that will make international students fall in love with. It not only has an unparalleled education system but also a culture that leaves other countries jealous.

Being one of the best known study abroad destinations, a lot of prospective students wish to study in France. Let us understand why?


French Education System

Basically, the French advanced education framework is one of the best. It is likewise a standout amongst the most available ones. With significantly low educational expenses in correlation to other driving overseas destinations, education in France is all the more frugally practically for worldwide students. Reliably showing up close to the highest point of World University rankings, French colleges offer a scholarly lineage that effectively strives with different nations.

France is especially a decent decision for those needing to study business related subjects. The nation is to some degree a center point for global business and administration training as it has a bountiful of business colleges in the overall rankings.

Universities and Colleges

France has 83 state funded colleges and they are all subsidized by the national government, offering fabulous higher education at an exceptionally moderate cost to all students, local or international. There are additionally various private colleges. The scholarly year starts in September or October and closures in May or June, contingent upon the system and organization.

There are two semesters, partitioned by a break taking after term examinations at the end of the first semester. There are two principle sorts of courses offered at French colleges: Long lecture courses, where the teacher talks and aspirants take notes, and areas and labs, intended for little gatherings of students where the material secured in sessions is researched in more prominent point of interest. More often than not, participation in sections and labs is obligatory. Some career-focused projects additionally require placements and practical preparations.

Further to Working in France

Global students in France are permitted to work, yet just for a set number of hours. They are relied upon to maintain certain limitations. They can work for a most extreme of 884 hours every year. Furthermore, over the time of one academic year, the students are not permitted to work for over 19.5 hours every week. They can work 40 hours per week just amid their excursion period when the most they can work for is 39 hours weekly. Before applying for work, worldwide students need to get the required authorization from the French Work Ministry.

Post-graduates at Work

In the wake of finishing the Master’s level of studies or the identical, global students can give an application for approving their dwelling in France on provisional basis. It is a one-time authorization, legitimate for 12 months after the permit has lapsed. With the assistance of the authorization, students can look for business in any part of France. Nonetheless, the students can’t work for more than 60% of the official work week. At the end of the day, any occupation will be part-time.

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