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Google will discontinue Inbox by Gmail in March 2019

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Before two months after Google updated the “Inbox by Gmail” app for iOS to support iPhone X, the company this week announced that it will discontinue the service at the end of March 2019

Because¬† Gmail continues to improve, we’re bringing the best features from Inbox. In the new Gmail, you will find workflows that are similar to your favorite ones in Inbox. Support for Inbox will conclude in 2019.

Google launched the Inbox in 2014 as a standalone app to exist alongside the Gmail. It was released only to a group of people initially with the official roll out in 2015. Inbox launched in the time when a user could do only limited things with Gmail. Inbox brought a range of new ideas to the traditional email like the Snooze button, Smart Reply or Nudges.

As Google plans to pull its plug on the Inbox by 2019, it is integrating some of the important features of Inbox to Gmail. Some of the Inbox’s popular features that have been added to Gmail are:-

1.Snooze emails

2.Smart Reply


4.high-priority notifications

5.Smart Compose

Google also offers alternatives to features of Inbox which have not been added to the Gmail yet. Like you can use Stars, custom labels, or use Gmail search if you used Pins in Inbox. Similarly, there are also alternatives for Bundles and Reminders

We know change is hard, so we have created a transition guide to help you switch from Inbox to the new Gmail with ease, Izatt added.

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