Happy New Year 2073 to my fellow Indians


This is actual new year we should be celebrating not fake British year. Britishers not only make us physically slave but also mentally slave as well. They tried to impose their system, culture on us with greater degree & also tried to deface Hindu culture & mock us whenever possible for example they made April as fool day why because we celebrate new year in April. They tried to insult as much as they can.

This is history now but we should come out of mental slavery of British & understand what is actual significance of getting into new year. Its not about getting drunk & burning crackers like Britishers do. Its all about entering into new season phase where Indian subcontinent see a major climate shift & as being agriculture based economy this has greater impact on our farmers.
This is the time when mostly farmers sell their Rabi crops & have money in their hand. This makes them to celebrate new year with dignity & perform their religious rights. I hope we fellow Indians understand this from now on & try to get away from mental slavery imposed on by Britishers.

Once again a very happy near & Guddi Padwa!
“Bharat Mata Ki Jai”

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Ashish Jain

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