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Winter is in full swing and it is the best time when one can go for trekking. There are many places which one can choose as their trekking destination and set for it. Especially in a country like India; winter is very much favorable for trekking because; the humidity in weather is less during this time and people get more energy to climb up. On the other hand, the temperature also remains quite favorable and sun’s rays are neither very forceful.

But there are some primary things that one needs to keep in their mind when they are going for trekking in winters. This can make the journey easy and comfortable.

    • The first thing that one needs to carry is comfortable layers of clothes. The pants or trousers and the t-shirts which you carry should b e comfortable enough so that one can walk properly when they are wearing them. They need to take thermals and winter wear along with them because of more they go to the higher altitude the temperature becomes lower and lower. On the other hand, you also need to take a pair of clothes in which you can sleep at night. Do whatever, try to keep as much less moisture as possible in your body. This may exhaust you fast.
    • Take some protein snacks along with you. This is a good idea as you might not want to eat things which are provided by the organizers. Protein bars and snacks are something which is very light to the stomach. It fills up the stomach quickly and does not even make one feel heavy so it becomes easier for them to climb up. They should also carry a sipper from which they can sip water at the regular interval when they feel tired. They can also sip some energy drink as well. But remember, you can only sip a small amount of liquid. If you gulp down a lot of amounts then you will be exhausted easily and then you cannot match up the other fellow trekkers.

  • Sun block creams and glares are very essential things in trekking. As one reaches the higher altitude, the sun rays become more harmful and to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, one has to apply these creams on the exposed skin parts from time to time. Glares, on the other hand, protect the eyes and many parts of the face which may be majorly affected by the sunburn.
  • One needs to carry a backpack and stuff all the essential things inside. If the backpack is very heavy, it is difficult to carry that and then trek. So one has to keep them as light as possible. Though the size of the backpack definitely depends on how many days you are going to spend in a trekking. Keep the bare essentials that are needed and do not try to carry extra things.

There are many places for trekking near Mumbai as one can choose them if they want to make a plan soon.

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