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Henkjan, what is your background in content marketing?

Since the beginning of the internet era i wanted to close the gap between supply and demand and contentmarketing is the best way to do that instead of ads which did not develop into a smarter better way to reach people but only became more and more intrusive and is even eating your privacy and all your data nowadays.

Can you explain exactly what Yoors is and does?

Yoors is a content platform where you are paid for every pageview your content generates. So if your creation is generating 1 pageview or a 100.000 you are paid. We pay 1 euro for 1000 views. (1000 Yps = Yoors Points.) There is one rule: It must be real pageviews and not generated pageviews. Is that’s discovered. You are out.

And we have an upvoting system so the reader can earn as well. The reader gives you for instance 100 Yps. As a creator you always earn a 10% royalty fee. That’s 10 Yps and the voter can double her investment so receives 200 Yps.

How can that be realised ?

By the investment que as you can see :

Its a FIFO system. The person who is investing as first, which can be the creator herself as well. Receives ROI as first. So a First in First Out system.

Before you invest you really have to think about this point: How many people are gonna invest after me?


What gave you the inspiration to create Yoors?

The explicit intrusive manners an behaviours of existing platforms which are only doing one thing : Exploiting you, you’re data, you’re attention and you’re privacy.



What problems do you see with existing social media and content hosting sites that Yoors will resolve?

The problem with platforms like google, facebook and twitter is that they see the user as a user. An person who’s addicted. You can exploit this person anyway you prefer.

Yoors is the platform which emancipates the members. Yes we call them members! So they have a voice and vote on the platform. We are all equal.

How did you create Yoors?

I created it with a small team centered around me as a founder and 100 procent investor. After selling my former company i decided that Yoors must become my legacy and it should be a social enterprise. Earning money ofcourse to be sustainable but that’s import for existing. It is not THE reason to exist.

Do you have plans to expand the reach of Yoors, possibly with versions in different languages?

Yes it’s already in english on a small basis and in 2019 it will be available in all western languages.

If Yoors does not sell data how does it get the money to pay people for creating and adding content?

People are paying for landingpages and for upvote credits. Actually the credits to make an investment in a post. And in the near future that can be an investment in a music track or a vlogger. So the lurking member becomes a micro investor ! Can i coin this frase ?!

For a few cents you can invest and double your investment.

Always 10% for creator. 10% for Yoors.

That investment strategy destilates quality content. Because you won’t invest in cheap content. And because of the micro investment the post gets more attention. Which attracts more micro investors etc. Very playful and satisfying.


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