High PR Dofollow social bookmarking site list 2016

High PR Dofollow social bookmarking site list 2016

What is social bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking is the most powerful process in SEO for promoting a website, Brand, Event so quickly and create a do-follow inbound link to your website. You can easily share any type of content Audio, Video, Blog post, Articles, news, video and much more using this process and gaining lots of traffic in your website .if you belong to SEO industry, then this is most important for you that which type of bookmarking backlinks are so helpful for your website rank. High PR Bookmarking site backlinks are very effective for getting high rank in Google. There are lots of social bookmarking sites are available in the web but only some of social bookmarking sites are provided Do-Follow backlink to their users and google crawl only Do-follow backlink because this type of backlinks are good as term in google so. if your website have nofollow backlink then google not crawl and not indexing this type of backlink so if you want effective results in Google SERP, then you need Do-follow inbound link for your website. If your website or blog is new content doesn’t index in search engine then social bookmarking is the best process to crawl and index your website quickly in search engine.

The importance of Social bookmarking in SEO:-

  1. Fast crawling and indexing rate in search engine.
  2. Increase your website rank quickly in search engine.
  3. Growing your website or brand awareness
  4. Help to increase your website page rank and Domain Authority.
  5. Help to grow your website traffic.
  6. Best way for promotion.


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  • Interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

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