How Do You Choose The Best Purchase Order Template Generator?


So, your company has finally purchased a formal purchasing program. Now all you need is a purchase order template. The importance of this template is that it will reflect your organization’s professionalism as well as improving the look and feel of your company. With multiple selections of purchase order templates out there, you can find a template that will fit your business.

Avoid using the same purchase order template all the time. It important for you to innovate the purchase order template and adjust as your business grows. However, you should not do it manually because it can be quite time consuming to list down everything. This is where purchase order template comes into play.

Therefore, a purchase order template is important so that you have a solid ground to start with and not have to start from scratch. Having vital information in your purchase order template will also allow you to evaluate on the information that you already have in your template as to whether they are still relevant to be placed in the template. However, before we get into several purchase order template websites that you can utilize for your business, let’s evaluate why purchase orders are important to your company.

What is a purchase order?

To put it in simpler words, a purchase order is a document sent from a buyer to a supplier with complete details for a goods or services request. For example, if Facebook orders a set of stationery items from a supplier in bulk, they will give a purchase order to the supplier. A typical purchase order will include the type of the item, quantity and the agreed price. A purchase order may also include the buyer’s name, logo and the vendor’s name. In short, this document is a guideline for the purchase with vital information placed in the document.

Another important thing to note is that purchase orders are legally binding contracts between the buyer and supplier which will come in handy should anything go wrong during a transaction. The best purchase order templates are easy to read and it should only contain vital information for the order.

Now let us explore several choices that we have for a purchase order templates online and evaluate what you can expect from these websites.

  1. Xero

This savvy website offers a service to create a purchase order template for your organization, making the purchasing process for your business much more convenient. In the purchase order template, you can customize it to include information such as the delivery dates, prices and details for the goods or services. Besides being able to generate a purchase order template, you can approve, copy, send or print purchase orders one at a time or in bulk. These purchase order templates are also available for bills, sales invoices or a new purchase orders. Creating a purchase order template with this provider will help you to save a lot of data entry time and will significantly increase the efficiency of your organization.

  1. Zoho

Meanwhile, this service provider offers a 14-day free trial and they provide a purchase order service. Through their software, you can generate purchase order templates for your business. During the 14-day free trial, you are not obligated to share your credit card information which is very good especially for individuals with security concerns when they are using the Internet. It also provides tracking options for purchasers besides providing a purchase order template. There are three plans for this website when you want to subscribe to their services. The basic plan is $9, standard plan is $19 while the professional plan is $29. All the price quoted are for monthly payments and the most popular plan which includes a purchase order template is the standard plan.

  1. Procurify

In your pursuit of a good privacy policy template provider, it would not be complete without having a provider that gives you an option to produce paperless or digital purchase order template. With this website, you can track purchases required and approve it through web or mobile app. You can use these as an inspiration when you want to craft a purchase order template that works best for your business. Regardless of what type of purchase order template and select with this website, having one will speed up your business transactions because you can ensure that the vital information needed in the template are not missed.


In short, a purchase order template is an important tool that you must have in addition to running your business transactions as it will help you to make your business transactions faster and more efficient. Besides, you will also be able to establish good relationships with your suppliers because they perceive you in a more professional manner and you will be less likely to make mistakes in ensuring that all the vital information is already accounted for.

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