How to create Google custom search engine for your website

How to create Google custom search engine for your website

Do you know, Google provide an awesome feature for a website owner? That is Google permit website owner to build a custom search engine page for their website that implements Google search technology but only show results from your post and pages on your specific site. If you select to configure Google custom search engine. You can easily use Google adsense to display ads on your website custom SERP.

Here is the step by step guideline for creating custom search engine page in your website.

  • First you need to login your Google adsense account .Then click to MY ADS option then you see many option in left side in display page like ad units , custom channels ,URL channels ,experiments ,search , ad style and others. You need to click SEARCH option for going next step.


  • In the Search page you will see the next the other area of Google adsense there’s a button at the top left that permit us to create a new custom search engine .lets go ahead and click on that button.


In the page that’s appears we can configure all of the setting connected to our custom search.

First we need to provide our custom search engine a descriptively name mainly each and every site have only one custom search engine configure so you can use most likely name like SEO company in Indore but it related to your website specific category .

In “What to search field” In this field we can use any specific thing whatever we want to the search engine to show result from the internet or only for selected web pages. Because we are making this custom search engine especially for our website we are going to select only website I select. When we select that option a box appears, where we can specify the website that we want Google to search in this custom search engine. You can submit each site with one URL per link .See the examples for better understand.


  • In the keyword section you can put all the specific keyword related to your website services. When individual search our custom search engine then the ads are displayed are as they are relevant to our site, relevant to user and hope full we will increase your more and more revenues for us.

We can also select whatever we want to safe for search options which make sure that there are no any adult related that come up our custom search engine. For more detail see the below example.


  • In the next step ,we need to specify which country our web page located and which language our website is written in end the encoding used for your web page that’s commonly discussing all website are writing in Unicode UTF-8 which is first alternative in the lists.

If you are not sure that what encoding your website use then you need to select Unicode .if possible then get touch your developer and make sure it.

In the last transliteration section, in this section we can allow users to fanatically type to search phases in English and have to show the result in other language most likely very native language because this option will help you for more and more visibility for your non English users. So I will suggest you enable transliteration for all language. For better understand see below image.


  • Popular Queries:-This is one of the most popular feature in custom search engine .if you enable this feature as the users type any search phases into our custom search engine a drop down of a most popular that other users are searching well appears. It work similarly to Google globally search engine.


If you want to trace the performance of our ads specially getting display on your custom SERP. It’s so wonderful idea to generate a custom channels mainly for this custom search engine.

So we can click on the blue plus icon for creating a custom channels. If you   already create a custom channel for search engine they did listed here but since we have not the we can click create a new custom channels we can name our custom channels SEARCH ENGINE  and go head and save it. We are one week in review this custom channels in the performance result section of the google adsense to see how the ads are performing on our SERP.


  • In the search box style section you can easily select custom Google search box on your our website. But you want to go one of the users most likely custom search box then I will prefer to first search box for our website. But you want any stylish Google custom search box then you can easily choose any style which show in below images.


  • In the next step Ads Style .In Ads Style section we can select the specify the text of our ads and make a attractive ads in search engine result page .If you select default ads style or return to click use custom setting to build your own style .you can change all the things which you want like color, text and border and all those option. See the below images.


In the last section we need to mention where customer search result will appear when individual search using custom google search engine .you will notice that there are many option are available here you can select any one for displayed the same search results.

  • Finally we are creating a custom search engine for web page ,it’s really good idea to have your company logo display on the SERP for both brand popularity make sure that user know they are performing a search bar in your web page .If you have logo the upload it just simple step copy the image URL and paste it. For more guide line see the image


  • After completing all the steps a box appears with bunch of code in the middle of it. You need to copy all the code and paste in the extract location in your website where you want to display custom Google search box on your website.


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