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How to Create a Secure Instant Messaging App for Android / iOs

How to Create a Secure Instant Messaging App for Android  iOs

The best can always be bettered. Especially in an overcrowded instant messaging industry, there is always scope for improvement. In February 2016, Facebook reported that WhatsApp has crossed the one billion mark in user base. Does it mean the market has reached its saturation point? Absolutely not. There is still space for couple more instant messaging apps that can prove to be game-changing for users.

Features to expect while building a real time instant chat app?

Android and iOS are at loggerheads with each other to provide the  build the best messaging app with rewarding user experience for their respective users. The truth is both the operating systems have their own powerful features and capabilities that give programmers to play with their ideas.  Here are a crisp brief of notable features to look out for in an group instant messaging app.

  • Group chats
  • Offline connectivity
  • Push notifications
  • Availability status
  • Social signins
  • Geo-mapping
  • All device synchronization
  • Voice & Video calling
  • Image, docs, audio, video sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Quick search integrated
  • Secured using HMAC encryption
  • Round the clock customer support

Futuristic technology that sets ground for developing your instant messaging application

The might of Ejabberd server

Ejabberd is a robust, easily scalable XMPP server that is used to build the world’s most popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, etc. It is more modern in technology and offers immense coding facilities with least error instances. It is also easily manageable and scalable making it a top contender for building a fine realtime instant messaging app.

Erlang – keeping it simple yet sturdy

Erlang is a preferred programming language for building realtime instant chat apps for the obvious reason. To create a chat app in Android, Erlang poses as a simple option that provides all the necessary features required to build a feature rich instant messaging app.

Apache Cassandra to create the best ever Android chat app

Building an instant messaging app using Apache Cassandra will give it a strong backbone with great flexibility and user friendliness. Apache Cassandra makes it possible to scale database infrastructure across multiple data centers without any restrictions which will help build android chat app that will work wonders.

Amazon S3 Bucket – tons of impressive utilities

Amazon S3 Bucket comes with a range of irresistible features like data storage and cloud connectivity that will make building an instant iOS or Android messaging app all the more worth its effort.

Final Words

Instant messaging is evolving on a daily basis. There are millions of developers who are working on the develop android and iOS instant messaging apps. But only very few of such chat apps make it to the higher ranks of top messaging apps. The most popular realtime chat apps are programmed with flexible languages like Erlang that run of Ejabberd XMPP servers powered by Apache Cassandra coupled with Amazon S3 storage capabilities.

Contus Fly: Groundbreaking framework to build a realtime instant messaging app

Why Contus Fly? Because it is unique, powerful and offers the best solution one can ask for to create an android or iOS based team chat app in today’s scenario.

Contus Fly is a comprehensive framework that facilitates the process of creating a real time instant messaging app that is packed with powerful features. It can be optimized to work on any mobile operating system like Windows, Android, iOs, etc. It is a perfect solution for any enterprise as well as personal groups that want a fully functional and feature rich instant messaging application like WhatsApp for communication. Contus Fly can be rated as a framework that will help build an android chat app or create a chat app iOS that will not suffer from downtimes or bugs.

In fact, it comes with the highest form of security and reliability enabled by HMAC encryption that is found only in upscale IM chat apps. Cloud connectivity enables users to access the app anywhere, anytime seamlessly. Unlimited storage enables storing of all chat messages, multimedia exchanges and what not that are so rampant in instant messaging.

Find out how Contus Fly can accelerate building your instant communication app.

Author :- Manmohan Yadav

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