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How to Create System Restore Point in Windows 10


A number of new features are present in Windows 10 along with the features which were present in older versions of Windows. Windows System Restore is among one of those feature. Windows System Restore Point is useful in many aspects which includes tracking of installations of softwares, changes in driver and updation of software and aids to restore computer to earlier date (In previous condition) if any problem occur because of the mentioned activities .

On that note it is always necessary to have a backup of it in order to avoid any kind of issues after the installation of certain softwares and application.  And we can back it up with windows system restore point.

Windows 10 generate System Restore Point automatically whenever you make any customization, install or uninstall any software or application from or in windows. But in order to work at a safe side it is a wise decision to create restore point in Windows 10 to get the improved results.

So here are the tips to create a restore point  for windows 10 through which one can manually create the restore point.

In order to create windows restore point, just head towards the desktop and then right click and navigate to properties option and then go to the system option and then further go to system protection which comes under the system option.

After clicking on System protection, a dialogue box of name System Properties will appear, then make it sure that you are under Tab named System protection. Here you will get an option to create windows system restore point for windows 10 just like this one – Create a Restore point now for the drives that have the system protection turned on.

As you click on the option – create, a dialogue box will appear named Create a Restore Point. Just give it a name of your own choice to these windows restore point and then can click on the button in order to start the process of creation of windows restore point.

As soon as the processes of creation of windows restore point completed it will display a message box containing message – The Restore point was created successfully.

There are certain which should be kept in mind while creating a restore point for windows 10.

  • Restore points are an extra helpful way for system recovery if needed.
  • Restore Points can be created for all those drives in which system protection option is turned on.
  • You can’t create windows restore point if you have booted your windows in safe mode.

Hope this article proves to be useful for all of you. So by following the above tips you can easily create windows restore point or restore computer to earlier date.

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