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How to earn more coins & experience in Bakery Story 2


Among the hardcore gamers who are up for killing, and finding adventures in the games there are also some softies who like to play happy fun games which do not require any kind of killings in them. For such gamers, there are so many games developed by many developers on PC as well as Android and iOS as well. These fun games are a kind of adventure in their self. Not only they keep a person fully involved in the game but also require them to complete the quests to earn rewards in the game.

Storm8 Studio is one of those developers who are creating games for the softy gamers among us. They have developed many games for the people who want these happy games. One of their famous game is Bakery Story 2 PC which gained so much popularity on Android and iOS as well. This game is the best fun time play time for those who are into cooking and especially love sweets. In the game, you can build a bakery of your own and start serving all the sweets that you yourself love very much. You can decorate your shop in any way you want and can also interact with the real life friends as well. In the game, your friends can also help you to grow your bakery business faster.

To make progress in the game, you need a lot more than just the sweets. Downloading and installing doesn’t cost any money however you will be asked to pay for in game purchases. To make a fast progress in the game you can use some tricks and tips. One important one will be to keep getting new appliances for your bakery and try new recipes in there. This will earn you great profits. Keep upgrading your grocery to keep your customers happy and satisfied with your bakery services. When you have baked items in the bakery, customers will keep coming and purchasing the items even when you are not playing the game. If you do not upgrade your grocers, you will also be getting the ingredients very slowly. This will hinder the production of new products in the bakery.

Filling a to-go order will earn you a part in it. Using these parts you can upgrade your Pantry and Grocers. You can also expand and grow your bakery using these items. There are also quests available in the game which enhance the speed and level you up faster. For this you will be required to earn experience points. Completing the quests makes it easier to earn those points and you can complete levels quickly. The mixer appliance in the game needs to stay active all the time to use the ingredients in the quests and to-go orders of the quests. Another interesting way to earn more points is by arranging a monthly quest in the bakery. Monthly events generate a lot of coins and experience points each month. These are limited time offers and the players is asked to bake different holiday themed treats for the customers. The game is all about the cooking and baking fun and will become your daily dose of fun time.

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