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How to Increase Blog Traffic with Tumblr

Boost ranking of a website on Google with these basic tips

Tumbler is worldwide very famous social networking website. It is the simplest way to increase .Traffic on your websites. As we know all social networking sites are having same functions .To promote a business in unique style. Tumbler is known for Blogging and it is widely used for Blogs.  Tumbler hosts almost 293 millions of blogs as of June 1, 2016, and it has 555 million monthly visitors as of June 2016. As we know every social networking website has different features as Tumbler has which makes it different from its competitors. Here are some unique features of Tumbler which stand it alone from a crowd.

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  1. EXPLORING PAGES: – content is everything whether it is a blog or a website if you have good Content people will enjoy to read it and would like to spend time on your page. In tumbler you can ask your followers to recommend its admin and your website will be listed on it so everyone will be able to see and read your post and you can get double traffic with the help of it.
  2. RE-BLOGGING: – It is the unique features for blogs in Tumbler same as re-tweet on twitter. If people find your blog interesting they can re-blog it so his/her followers will be able to see that blog and people will on the website or Blog.
  3. UPDATION OF CONTENT  :-  Everyone likes to read fresh content whether it is related to anything  so it is very important for a websites or Blogs to watch out their content and update it frequently because It is the only this which can help you like anything in ranking on google and generate traffic on your website or a Blog. So give your users and readers fresh content what they like.
  4. RECOGNIZATION OF TREND: – If you are writing a Blog than you must know the trend. Tumbler helps you to recognize the trend because most of the users like to read what is going on trend so it is a good way to pull visitors on site/Blog.
  5. FOCUS ON IMAGES: – Images attract more customers to engage with our website or product which can increase their interest to buy your product.  Images on your websites or Blog show the quality of your websites so it is very necessary   to recognize that what have to post to audiences so that they love to spend their valuable time on our website. So always select relevantly and good quality’s images.

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