How to Make Strategic Keyword Research


Choosing right keywords for your website is the key to success in search engine optimization. Keywords pull visitors to your websites and help to market your product and service to all over the world. The real power of internet marketing is SEO, and SEO starts with strategic keyword research. If you want to succeed in online marketing or SEO, keyword research will be the first thing to start with. Here are some important tips to search right keywords for your website:

1.    Know your business: Yes, you need to really understand your business. Here you might say – I already understand my business and that is why it is my business. But here I am talking about serious business understanding. Businesses look same from the outside, but they have big differences in reality. Learning every aspect of your business helps you to make winner strategies, even for your keywords selection.

2.    What problems you solve: People are seeking answers to their questions. If your website answers the questions that most of our ideal customers ask, then it is a big help to market better online. If you understand their problems you can guess the keywords they are putting in the Google search box.

3.    Use tools: Google provides an amazing and free keyword research tool known as Google keyword planner. Keyword Planner tool helps to search for keywords relevant to your business or website. Google’s Keyword Planner is very easy to use. It suggests relevant keywords, their monthly search, search volume, competition and bid price. There are also other tools available, but Google Keyword Planner is good enough for beginners.

4.    Choose wisely: When it comes to keywords selection, make sure you choose keywords with enough search volume, low competition and with specific intent. Choosing long tail keywords wisely could be very profitable because there are very good chances for a conversion than short keywords with vague intent.

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