How to manage your anger


I know you get angry. Everybody does. But what to do if everything is just going wrong and you can find a way out and freak out is the only thing left?

There are too many things that you come across and find wrong, ugly and unacceptable. In those situations, your anger can make the situation even worse. So the intelligent thing is that you have to look at the situation carefully and try to understand it first. There is not just one simple reason that makes a situation bad or unacceptable. With one problem, there are other parallel things and circumstances that could have formed the situation.

So if you are a wise and self-controlled person, you can manage the situation more effectively. Here are some tips that will help you to manage your anger:

1.    Know anger won’t help you to solve the problem – Most of us believe that if we show anger the situation will be better and everything will go as a way we want. But showing anger or criticizing drastically decreases productivity and harmony.

2.    Understand the situation – Understanding the situation is very important to deal with it. Anger not only makes the situation worse but also damage reputation, communication, and mutual understanding.

3.    Do meditation – If you are a self-controlled and motivated person, you know very well how to deal with bad situations. Meditation will help you to moderate your energy and make you feel more relax, focused and happy.

4.    Eat healthy, fresh and delicious food – Having healthy food means having a healthy mood. Always eat something that smells pleasant, tastes delicious and gives some nutrients to your body.

5.    Do some workout daily – Daily workout is the great way to feel healthy and stay health. A great health will make you happier, and if you are happy you can control your emotion in much more effective ways.

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