How to Remember English Words Easily


It becomes easy for anyone to learn a new language, when one knows a number of words of that particular language. When one knows the most of the vocabulary of any language it also becomes too easy to understand it. It is also same in the case of English language as well. So today we are going to share some tips on the same topic that how to remember English words and their meanings easily.


The First step towards learning new vocabulary of English, read as much as you can in order to widen your reach. As you will start to read you will come across a number of unknown words from which you were unaware before than that. Note them down on a paper.

Now Search:-

Now Search for the meanings of the word as you can remember the words for a long time if you know what exactly it means. For this you can relate those words with something which helps you to keep them in your memory.

Search for the synonyms

In order to learn more and to know more you can also search for the synonyms of the words which you have already search for. It will help to enhance your vocabulary.

Make use of these Words

Yes try to frame the sentences with the words you have previously noted down and have searched for as it is the best way to memorize it.

Use Pictures

Use pictures in order to keep an image of that word in your mind as visual things create a great impact on one’s mind so it will on yours too.

Play Word Games:-

Yes it is a truth that Word games play a vital role in it. So play word games in order to keep the words in your mind.

Hope this post will prove to be helpful for you all. Please share your views by the means of the comment in the comment box below.

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