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How to Setup Google webmaster tool for your Business website

How to Setup Google webmaster tool for your Business website

If you have a website and you are really serious about tracking search engine traffic and preference on your website, then you need Google webmaster tool because using to this tool you can find all the things about your website like search appearance, search traffic, Google index, crawl, security issue and other resource. Google webmaster tool is free of charge software that can help you understand what’s going to your website. It’s is a most popular Google tool. If your website has some error then Google really want to send a massage regarding your website issue, then Google contact you through this tool.

Google Webmaster Set Up Process:-

Firstly, you need a Gmail account for creating a webmaster account .If you already have Gmail ID the go to URL and click to sign in button after that put your mail id and password in the given box .Then click to login.


After that you will go to Google webmaster tool dashboard page .On the left side of Google webmaster tool dashboard you see add a property button so click this button .


After clicking this button you need to put your website URL in giving box then click to submit button.

In next step you need to verify your website through any one process, but most easy process to get verified your website is click to HTML File Upload button and download an HTML file and put this file in your website root folder after put this code in your website root folder come back your Google webmaster tab and click to verify button.


In the end of all the process your Google webmaster account is ready for use .After 24 hour you can seen full report in your website in webmaster tools .

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