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How to track lost android phone with Android Device Manager – Part 1

How to track lost android phone with Android Device Manager Part 2

Mobile phones are the prime source of communication in present date. It is impossible to think of a day without mobile phones. But along with the increased technology the chances of thefts are also increased. On that note question is that how can we find those lost devices? How can I find my android phone?  Is there any way to find the lost devices? If you are also searching for the answers of the same questions then this post is for you.

For all android users, android device manager is the committed tool by the help of which one can track lost phone.   You can download Android Device Manager from Play store if you don’t have in it your device, for newer versions it is pre-installed.

So here are going to share a complete guide for all of you through which you can easily find a lost android phone.

To check Whether ADM is present on Your Android Phone or Not

  1. To set up ADM on the android device, first of all go to the Google Settings option of your android phone.
  2. After that head towards the “security” option underneath the services tab, it will open up a screen where you can see the Android Device Manager. You can easily see it if it is already installed on your device otherwise you have to install it from Play Store.
  3. Then Under the Android Device Manager, you can see two options “Remotely Locate This Device” and “Allow Remote Lock and Erase”. Among the two first one is checked by default and the other one is not.


find my android phone


find android phone

  • How to Remotely Track the Lost Phone – Android Phone


To start it with a computer browser first of all you need to download the web version of ADM. Then Sign in with the same email address which you have used on Android Smartphone.  If the location is on, on your device it will be visible and will be shown on Google Maps, within a precise location of 20-25 meters.

track lost phone


When you don’t have a PC


When you don’t have any PC you can also do it with any other mobile, you have to download android device manager app and sign in via Guest Mode and then fill up Your Google Account Details which you have used on your device to locate lost phone location.

You can then find the location of your android phone, remember do not refresh or sign in again to your account during this, now to see the position of your android phone click on the location icon.



How to Detour the Lock Screen


In any case when you have not secured your phone with lock screen then even after that you can do it with android device manager , if have you already have an lock then also you can detour it and change the password and set another lock.

To detour it Go to Set up Lock and Erase option.

In some Devices Setup Lock and Erase options are available as individual options. If it is the case with your mobile then you can click on Lock Option and set a new password, by double entering it. By doing so you can restrict the person to interfere into your personal data which can be your email list, contacts, images, and messaging apps.

track my android phone


To be continued …. Read More in the next post .

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