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How to track lost android phone with Android Device Manager – Part 2


In the previous part How to track lost android phone with Android Device Manager – Part 1, We learnt how to set android device managerHow to Remotely Track the Lost Phone, How to Detour the Lock Screen . In this section we will learn How to Remotely Ring Your Device and How to delete all data.

How to Remotely Ring Your Device

You can also ring your device after you have done with locking of your device with new password. As soon as you will click on Ring, your android phone will start to ring.

This will inform you about the ringing status of the phone, either it will ring or it wouldn’t. And if you are nearby your android device then it will alert you or someone in the area about the exact position of your android phone. It will make your android device to ring for duration of 5 minutes.

Track My Android Phone

How to delete all data

You can also erase all of your data, sensitive data (information related to business or related to bank) if you have already backed up your data at somewhere else before the theft occurred. With the help of Android Device Manager you can do a factory reset to delete all of your data so that it doesn’t falls in some wrong hands.

For that you just have to select the Erase option, which is just next to the Lock option. By doing so all of your data and settings will get erased and your android device settings will set to default. (It is in the case when you device is online). If your device is not online then in that case it will perform factory reset on the moment when your device will become online.

Locate Lost Phone

Keep in mind that when all of your data get deleted from your android phone, Android Device Manager will be not obtainable for your android Device.


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