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How to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone

Here is a small guideline to learn how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to use with any GSM network globally using few easy steps.

Samsung has been released the bigger Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smart phone in the Edge series which is operated by Android OS  6.0 and it comes with Octa-core 2300 MHz,Exynos M1 and ARM Cortex-A53 , 64-bit. It has 5.5″ inches big screen with Super AMOED technology. You will pleasure with its excellent performance of 12 mega pixels primary camera and 5 mega pixel rear cameras with big pixels and LED flash. It features a 64 GB of inbuilt in storage and can be used up to 200 GB with the help of micro SD cards. The Galaxy S7 Edge has a very big battery capability of 3600 mAh.


If you purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with networks like AT&T, T-Mobile phone etc. on a deal, then your phone is SIM locked with that network and you are not capable to use it with other network suppliers, If you are a regular international traveler and want to use local SIM card while travelling overseas or want to change carrier of your choice within your nation, you must have to unlock it prior to using with different service provider’s SIM card.

Network service supplier companies locked the mobile phones because they want you to use only their expert services and not shifted to other suppliers when their offers are come back. With the help of this simple guide you can unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge device to use with any suitable GSM SIM card.

Permanent unlock resolution for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If you are searching to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with a really easy yet most secure method, you can do it by utilizing IMEI unlock code. Because they are really safe and easy to utilization. You can use them without any concern of damaging your gadget or void your warranty. Also it only requires couple of moments to execute the whole unlocking method and you don’t even need any technical abilities at all.

This is one time and permanent unlock resolution for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge locked to any service provider. This unlock is suitable with any firmware and base band edition. Once you unlocked your gadget successfully it is always unlocked even after firmware updates.

Why unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

There are numerous advantages of unlocking your Galaxy S7 Edge gadget, few of them are…

  1. Use Local SIM card and preserve on roaming fees while travelling in another country.
  2. Use your gadget with any suitable GSM SIM card globally.
  3. Improve the resell value of your device as it is accessible to more carriers.
  4. Your phone will be permanently unlocked even just after firmware updates.
  5. Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from the convenience of your home.
  6. No challenging software or no cables or even no technical information required.

Where do I get the Unlock Code?

You can get your unlock code from your company for free but you must have to satisfy your service provider’s contract terms.

Also there are a lot of third party websites out there to offer unlock codes, But you have to create sure you will get legitimate code from a reliable source like Codes 2 unlock which is a reliable online platform for unlocking mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It is one of the expert and reliable unlocking services used by 1000’s of people that need to unlock their mobile phones. Also you will get the smallest price for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge unlocks code from right here.

How do I place the unlock code in my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

Once you got you’re unlock code from Codes 2 unlock, follow the easy steps given below:

  1. Insert a different carrier SIM card and power on the mobile phone.
  2. When your phone requires for “SIM Network Unlock Pin” or “Enter Unlock Code”
  3. Enter the unlock code you got.
  4. Phone shown the message “Network Unlock Successful”
  5. Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is now unlocked!

The unlocking of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on any android version is suitable with almost all well-known carriers from the USA, UK, Spain, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Sweden, France, UK, Korea and many more nations.

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