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Interesting Facts About Facebook To Know


Facebook a social media platform on which almost every second individual posses a Facebook Account. Almost all of us use Facebook a number of times in a day. But do you all know that there are some interesting facts about Facebook from which you are unaware. So check the out the following facts about facebook which are enough to put you in a surprised situation.

  • On an average, Everyday approximately 600, 000 hacking attempts are made to Facebook Accounts.
  • You can’t block Mark Zuckerburg on Facebook as it shows an error when you try to do so.
  • More than 30 million users update their Facebook status in any case one time in a day.
  • Approximately more than 30% percent of Senior citizens of United States are present on Facebook.
  • Facebook Games are exciting isn’t it? On an average around 927 million hours in a month are used by users to play games.
  • The presence of mobile users who use facebook on phones is increased by 23-25% percent every year.
  • Per day approx 12 billion messages are sent by the means of FB.
  • Facebook is important to businesses as well, as businesses and business person stats that Facebook plays an important role in the growth of their business.
  • Facebook Stores user data information is of size which is more than 300 Petabytes.
  • 57% of Facebook Advertising Budgets are dedicated to Mobile.
  • 75% of businesses choose facebook to promote their business posts.
  • Around 1 million medium as well as well small business industries use facebook to promote and advertise their business.
  • The Color of Facebook is Blue because Mark Zuckerburg is color blind as stated by him in an interview.

Hope with these you have come to know more about Facebook with these interesting Facebook Facts. So pour your comments in the section below about the post.

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