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The software is an amazing place to build a Professional career. The best way to select a career is to first research on several careers in which you are interested too. We check how many job opportunities there in the chosen field? what is the present situation? and what is the future? etc. as such.

And I can tell you an industry which is witnessing huge growth and booming like nothing else and have more than 10 lakhs job vacancies in India alone. And that is DIGITAL MARKETING and you should definitely go into. So what is Marketing? Why is it So important nowadays? Every Business has to sustain and get known to others that they exist. In this, We see two types of Marketing! Traditional and Digital.

What is Traditional Marketing?

TV, Newspaper, Banner advertising etc comes under Traditional Marketing. Whatever it might be they are reaching the audience. This all goes on Traditional Marketing Which has been there for a long time ago.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing, sometimes called data-directed marketing is a system, where some digital technologies are used for the marketing of products or services. There are different digital technologies which we can implement. We can use mobile phones, and the internet,  display promoting, and any other digital medium. It is often exemplified as ‘internet marketing’, online marketing or web marketing’.

These are the sections of the digital marketing  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Marketing.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Affiliate Marketing.

E-mail marketing.

Website Marketing.

Content Marketing.

Mobile marketing (SMS, MMS)

Assume A Branded Shopping Mall which is Advertising their Ads in the newspaper, it reaches those regular readers only. For a single ad depending upon the size and page, its cost is set. Sometimes it even costs 10 lakhs for a single day. Or consider a holding which cost 1.5 lakhs but which might last for a month or more, reaching to the people who are regular to that road. Depending upon the source chosen, the ad is reaching to limited audience confined to a Specific Space.

Due to these limitations and causes, Digital Marketing has come up. This has no limitations. Every Person has a mobile, Laptop, Tab etc. Dependency has changed. People are becoming more Digital and spending more time on Digital. So, we can reach many audiences through Digital Marketing.

One Small change has changed the income level for Youtube earners. Can you guess What is it? Free Internet. Yes! This change has created Digital Craze among all. Marketing only happens with the audience. Digital pressures have increased more in us, so Digital marketing has increased. This is why the digital world is facing such a boom that there is a shortage of good marketers in the industry and also being focused that every company now wants to be the best online industries in their field. Thus most of the fields are looking for skilled digital marketers rather than certified persons who cannot make goal-oriented strategies.

Being in one place, We can advertise anywhere without any boundaries and limitations. Its cost is also affordable. As I can be started with an affordable budget and can increase the budget if once worked it. Scality is more in this field. The most important thing is, Its Measurable. Like, How many Visited, booked, shared, and more info giving a complete report to the person about the activity. With these advantages, many marketers are showing interest and it’s going to grow more and more over the period.

Secondly, It’s not rocketing science engineering or anything. All you need is a laptop/any electronic device and internet to do it. Right from blogging, eCommerce to Publishing everything is possible through google. One can enjoy life and make money. It’s only possible when you get properly trained. There are many sources in Digital Marketing like Digital Marketing Manager/Director, Social media executive, Social media manager, SEO executive/expert, Content Marketer, E-mail marketing manager, and many more in agencies. Overall if you are trained under a Professional and focus on a Specialization, You can work as a freelancer too.


If you are looking for practical oriented training which I think is the best way to learn anything, you must check upon our institute. Pitechnologies digital market company is the best for providing an advanced course in digital marketing that includes a Real-time Practical oriented training.  you can join a 30 days duration Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program which will get you a job right away.



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