Lesser known haunted spots in Delhi


Being a historically old city, there are several haunted spots in Delhi. Incidents and stories at few places might have been concocted but there are few where these stores might be true. Take a look at some of these haunted spots in the city. And keep a cab in Delhi handy, cause you never know when you might need it.

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal – If the entry to this old, destroyed, hunting lodge does not seem frightening to you personally, then you should definitely venture inside the mansion. A location in shambles, it might come across as creepy even in broad daylight and even its appealing architecture of the 14th century is incapable of attracting a large tourist crowd. The area is rumored to be haunted, a rumor that is supported by those who have admitted of hearing peculiar sounds, including cries of people. There are security officials stationed at its entry to keep individuals from going into the complex after sundown, however the curious minds have always tried getting in. You can take a cab in Delhi to reach this haunted mansion.

Lothian Cemetery – Lothian Cemetery is rumoured to be haunted too, as in the event the idea of roaming around in a graveyard isn’t frightening enough. Eyewitnesses have reported sightings, mentioning the “it”. People in the city have often put this graveyard right at the very top of Delhi’s most haunted locations. While there are plenty of stories that keep doing the rounds, the chance of running into a British soldier’s phantom is sufficient to get goosebumps. According to the story, it’s the spirit of General Nicholas, who shot himself in the head after finding the girl he adored had married somebody else. His heartbroken soul, as they say, haunts the graveyard and still laments the loss.

Sanjay Van – Amongst the few thickly green stretches in Delhi, Sanjay Van, is amongst the very haunted ones too. Verdant green, this 10 kilometer strip is dotted with numerous graves and remains of Qila Rai Pithora. While the sight of graves and garrison’s remains, now covered in creepers, it is still frightening enough, as there have been reports of people hearing shouts of kids, and seeing a lonely girl who vanishes abruptly and becoming shoved by some invisible power while roaming in Sanjay Van! Seems like a fantastic nighttime excursion thought, right?

Northern Ridge – The green Northern Ridge, also called the Kamla Nehru Ridge, sees lots of folks hanging around in day. Yet, nighttime, come, this stretch is a scene of desolation that is complete. Just seen by some very courageous individuals who label themselves ghostbusters in the night hours, the Northern Ridge turns even more frightening and darker owing to the fact that it doesn’t have any mobile network. See it if you would like to check the narratives which have everything from nature’s pursuing individuals and bloodcurdling screams coming out of nowhere to unexpected and unexpected looks of bloodied natures of the British soldiers who perished in India. Surely, one of the best places to visit around Delhi.

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