Post Car Crash Uber is back with Self-Driving on the Roads


In the recent times, we can see that Uber has been in the news for all the things which have not been straight. The year 2017 has started in a stooping way; there have been many downfalls for the company. They have been struggling to bring things back together and make sure that everything falls into the right place. The moment Uber regains its composure, there is an untoward incident happening in some other part where its service is available.


The company has been expanding its business in every possible way, they might have started as a mere cab service provider. But, we can see that it has come a real long way, at present it seen that Uber faltering and stumbling. Uber started as a cab online transportation network where it will connect the riders with the drivers through an application. Now they have taken a huge step towards providing service to the people with next generation automobiles.

Self-driving, this is what most of the automobile companies are into at present and putting efforts into creating the best automobiles for working by itself. Just imagine we can hop into a car, feed in the details of the destination and it will take us and there is no requirement for us to stay behind the wheel. That is a seamless and most comfortable ride we can ever experience it.

Uber has shifted its focus on providing this kind of ride to every rider who takes a ride with it. They have been testing the self-driven cars on the streets of San Francisco, Pittsburg, and Arizona. When the firm started with the pilot program for self-driving, there were many issues from the regulators of the state. They stated that having the autonomous cars tested on the streets without a proper permit is not allowed.

The regulators asked the company asked the company to refrain their self-driving pilot until they acquire a legit permit. All the vehicles registrations were revoked and unfortunately, they had to stop the process. During that particular period, they moved their vehicles to Arizona State to start with their testing process. The regulations were different to that which is followed in California.

On a later note, the company did acquire a 150 dollar permit to have their vehicles tested. This means that two of the vehicles can be tested along with the 48 drivers who will be behind the wheels. For every additional car and the driver, each of the driver and cars will be approved individually. There was a speculation against the company stating that they had stolen the ideas of Light Detection and Ranging Design (LIDAR) for autonomous cars from Waymo which is Google autonomous car division. It is not that Uber alone had a car crash incident, it is said that there were 3 car crashes last year with Waymo.

Most recently, one of the Uber’s self-driving cars was involved in a car crash in Tempe, Arizona, where the testing of the vehicles was conducted. There was an accident reported to the police personnel reached the spot where the accident occurred. It is said that the autonomous SUV of Uber rolled over and hit another car which resulted in a crash.

Fortunately, there were no grave injuries to anyone in the car crash and one of the eye witnesses stated that there was a person behind the wheel in the autonomous car. The police personnel stated that the other was alleged for violating the moving of the car. In a recent, it is said that the company is not at fault and there were no grievous to anyone involved in the crash.

There was a temporary halt due to the car crash and as the verdict for this case has been in the favor of Uber. Now, the self-driving cars are back on the roads and the service has been resumed in San Francisco. All the parts were the testing of self-driven were temporarily suspended until there was a verdict for the sudden car crash by the Uber’s autonomous car.

On a later note, the testing of vehicles continued in Arizona, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and San Francisco as well. Unfortunately the driver who was behind the wheel of the human-driven car was unable to maneuver the car and happen to trip over. Post the incident, the company was pretty much sure enough with the fact that, this error will be rectified and the decision will be made in their favor.

The professionals stated that there will be collisions and car crashes with having the driverless cars being tested on the streets. This might make the people be more careful than ever before and it is important that the devices and security systems are enhanced. We can say that with the advancement of the technology there will be an improvement in the security as well.

An undeniable fact here is that there is a more human driven car, accident causalities than the driverless cars. A professor at Columbia University stated that there are around 23, 000 car accidents which occur every week throughout the world. The fact here is that the technology is a great boon for us to make sure that there are lesser accidents.

Statistics show that the driverless car performs better with every drive they make when compared to the ones which are driven by humans. We can see that the humans find it hard to maintain a good record with the security and safety, by not getting into any kind of accidents. Having a human drive a car is really not going to reduce the risk and it is definitely not leading towards the right path.

On the flip side, we can see that the company is far behind in this particular aspect of self-driving. It said that the cars in certain locations cannot go any further than 1 mile without a human intervention. But, there has been a sustainable growth in the way these cars have been working of late. They were just at 5000 miles in early February and they scaled 20, 000 miles in the early March, which is a drastic amount of growth.

Uber might be lagging far behind Waymo in the race of self-driving; it is definitely going to take a while for it to catch up with other companies who have put a step forward in this self-driving. In the near future, we can see many other companies stepping into this and trying to make it big. It is a time that Uber starts to work towards its venture of self-driving at its best, to make sure that the competition doesn’t get tough in the coming days.

When there was an accident by Waymo, it didn’t halt the testing fleet. We can see hear that Uber has made an attempt to clear things out first and then continue with its self-driving fleet. It is a fact that the company has been going through a lot in the recent times and it wants to clear things out. The company has made an initiative to look into the work culture which is followed by the firm, which was alleged as the following sexism. Uber has been through all kinds of pitfalls and has bounced back with the same enormity and excelled in it, it is the new age phoenix, which rises from its ashes.

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Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of Dectar apps, best PHP scripts Development Company located in India. Dectar is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which is Developing Taxi Dispatch Software. Cabily Script is a clone of Uber, which is developed by the tech gigs of his company.

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