Prevent Your Indian Passport from Being Unserviceable Before 24-Nov-2015


Are you planning an exotic foreign travel trip then it is the time you have to look into the matter. All your dreams of having an exotic foreign trip can just fall flat if?

If What?

If you’re current passport is not according to the new criteria’s of Government of India. So what exactly these new criteria’s are:-

Let me tell you about those criteria’s:-

According to this new announcement of Government of India, your passport should be machine readable. It simply means that those who are having Hand-written passports should immediately replace their handwritten with the machine readable. It is advised to all Indians who are living in India or outside the India.

If you Passport is in handwritten form then it is 100% sure that your vacation planning for a foreign location or for coming in your own country India will get cancelled.

The deadline for applying for Machine Readable passports is set to 24-November-2015 by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). After 2015, 24 November it is most probable that foreign countries imply a restriction for Visa requests or restrict the entrance of persons in their countries who are not having Machine Readable passports.

What Else You Need to Know about it:-

Even if you are having passport with a validity date of after 20 years but are non-machine readable then it is the time to apply for re-issuing it.Actually Government of India had started to issue the machine readable passports since 2001. So if you hold a passport of before than that of 2001 with a long term validity of 20 years or more, even after that you have to apply for it.

For more information regarding to the topic you can visit to the official website of Indian Government of Passports.

Hope that this post will help you guys if you’re planning or even thinking of planning for it in near future. So don’t be a victim of it and apply for re-issuing it.

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