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Protect Your WordPress Website with These Simple Tips from Hackers


WordPress is one of the best and well-known platforms for various types of website needs. A number of WordPress blogs and WordPress websites are running smoothly over this platform with a number of enriched features including customization, great accessibility, cost efficiency, number of plugins, and a strong community support. And that is the reason for which it is also known as the one of the best Content Management System among a number of CMSs present online.But as we all are aware about the fact a number of hackers are present in this online world to hack the websites and steal confidential and important data of any organization. So at that time it is also necessary to put your attention & emphasis towards WordPress Security issues in order to protect your blogs and websites.

However there are a number of ways by adopting them you can Secure WordPress Site of yours.

1. Backups are Essential: – Create Backup of your WordPress Website before making any alternations to your website or blog. You can do it by hand or with the help of any WordPress plugin of complete database of your website including images, files, and additional belongings which are present in your blog or website.

2. Hosting Matters A lot: – Instead of going for a shared or managed hosting choose a trustworthy hosting which stands the taste of the time. As per studies WordPress Hacked 40% from hosting, as they choose hosting as a gateway to perform illegal activities.  So choose the hosting which lists WordPress Website security as their main concern.

3. Updation is Necessary: – Keep your WordPress Website updated with latest version as WordPress always remains in the development mode and make updations in versions which are necessary to provide the best user experience and services. By doing so you can overcome all the security issues and can make wordpress secure. And to stay updated with these changes you can follow BlogSecurity & WordPress Development as these segments continue to update you about every fix/patch release.

4. Install SSL Certificate:- To use HTTPS protocol on your site is the most important step for your website security. It will encrypt all the information which is passed through data and will help to secure your data. Hence HTTPS on your URL will help to give you trusted online presences. There are many Cheap SSL Certificate Providers where you can buy SSL Certificate and secure your website.

5. Plugins :- Avoid the downloading of WordPress plugins from unreliable sources as there are more chances to get your WordPress Website or blog got infected with undesired malicious codes, virus and redirect of your website to bad websites including porn, gambling etc. Additionally you can use wordpress security plugins provided by WordPress itself.

6. Keep Changing Your Login Credentials: – Change your login credentials from time to time in order to make it difficult to guess by WordPress Hackers. Keep Your WordPress Passwords as complex as you can with a combination of Letters, upper case letters, lowercase letters, hypens, underscores, Hashes etc. By doing so it will become difficult to guess otherwise simple passwords containing names, birth dates can easily be guessed by them with the help of brute force method.

So just a try to the above mentioned WordPress security best practices and tips to reduce the chances of being hacked by hackers. Hope that these tips will help you to prevent your website or blog from hackers as “Prevention is better than Cure”.

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