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Reasons Behind The App Rejection At Apple App Store

Reasons behind the app rejection at Apple App Store

Mobile apps have become the most important thing for our routine life as we spent most of our time to chat with others, play games or to shop online. Concurrently, the number of app stores also increased. Apart from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, there are many app stores where you can submit your application for users.

Each App store has its own rules, requirements, and guideline to allow developers to submit apps. If an app doesn’t fulfill the requirements of the app store then the app could get rejected by the app store. It mostly happens with the Apple App Store because it expects much from the app than other app stores. You need to keep in mind the requirement while creating a mobile app for apple app store.

Some common reasons behind the app rejection at Apple App Store

  • Design: The user-interface of your app should be clean, quality and user-friendly. You should follow their UI design guidelines where they have mention rules about Content Formatting, Text Size, Spacing, Contrast, Organization of elements and much more. Also, the icons used in the apps must be unique. If the similar icons which used in the app already exist in the Apple App Store then it could get rejected.

  • Performance: When your app is created, You need to submit your app for review at Apple App Store.You should make sure that your app should be bug-free and works without crashes before submitting the app.

  • Usability: There are lots of apps available online which disturbs the standard functionality of the physical buttons. These types of apps are not allowed on the apple store. Also, many of you have often found the various copies of a single app. These apps are created by copying the original concept of the application, moderator rejects them as they are not helpful or benefit the users.

  • Beta Version and Mentioning Supporting Platforms: Your mobile app could face rejection when you name it Beta or preview. The moderators consider the app incomplete and reject it. It is a positive point when your app supports multiple platforms. The apple recommends to not mention the other platforms that your app supports. You can’t advertise your app on the app store so you should avoid this kind of activities.

  • Privacy: Many applications that you install on your want permissions for some controls or to access personal information. Apple strongly recommends developers to submit applications which doesn’t compromise with the user’s privacy.

All recommendation of Apple App Store is aimed to provide the best experience to its users.If you are an iOS App Developer then you must have known all of the guidelines before uploading the app to store. Apple loves to add apps to their store which are trustworthy and beneficial for it’s users.

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