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Renovate Your Home with These Amazing Apps

Renovate Your Home with These Amazing Apps

Everyone dreams of living in a beautiful den, which perfectly epitomizes their personality and emulates the cover picture of home decor magazines. However, owing to our killing work timings and packed schedules we simply fail to invest required time in decorating our houses or even make it more adaptable for the incoming season. In addition, if these situations look more like your personal experience, then here is something, which might prove to be of great help!

Technology has proven to be a boon for 21st century generation. In addition, its striking change can be easily felt in the home designing industry where you can find multiple tools to assist you in paint color selection, fabric designing etc. However, while those extensive tools are restricted for professional usage, there are many free apps, which can do the need full for amateurs like us.

These apps can be downloaded and used free along with having an interactive user interface, which makes home designing experience a smooth and learning one. In addition, while there are tons of such useful apps, here is the list of top five ones selected based on their amazing user interface, tools and utilities?



If you want to redecorate your house but is running out of ideas then this app can be of great respite. In contains more than 320000 original pics of renowned designers along with the price list of the items used in it. This makes the difficult task of paint selection and item symmetry easy, leaving just the task of execution for you. Moreover, this app can also assist you in finding a local interior designer if you choose to hire one.


This app can be a perfect tool to assist you in decorating your dwelling. With tons of decoration ideas, this app contains slide shows, videos and is also integrated with social media websites like Facebook, twitter, etc. with which you can share your ideas and ask your friends for their views. This extensive app is free of cost and can be downloaded on android phones, IPhone, laptops etc.

Color change:

If you are considering changing the color of your home interiors then this is a perfect app for you. This provides you with color shades you can choose from. You can also alter the brightness or sharpness of the color as per your choice. All you need to do is click a photograph of the room you are planning to decorate and then mix and match different colors to brighten up the room. This app gives you a professional’s creative eye, which we all lack.

Dream home:

This app contains an extensive list of decorating ideas, which are area specific. You can select the type of room you are planning to decorate and browse through amazing options. Though this app is not free (0.99 cents), list of features that it provides completely justifies its cost. You can download it from web and use it on your IPhone, laptops etc.

Renovation Budget Tracker:

If you are worried about the total expenditure of renovation then this amazing app can compile a rough estimate of the budget for you. You can mark all the changes that you are planning on doing and this app would calculate the minimum budget that you will need to set aside.

Home renovation is a fun task if done with proper planning and care. Apart from using useful apps like the ones mentioned above, you can also follow basic tips such as de-cluttering your house and storing away season specific household items. These items can be stored in basements or removals and storage if you do not have extra space. Such simple techniques can simplify the task of home renovation largely.

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