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Role of Information Technology in Education

Role of Information Technology in Education

We are living in the world of technologies. Every aspect of our life is directly or indirectly affected by technology. Education is not far apart from it. Be it students or teachers everyone is getting benefited from technology. Technology is not only changing the way we learn but also the way we teach. So it is helping both teacher and student and that is good news indeed.

Technology helping to improve literacy rate. Through the help of information technology lecture from top top professor from leading university and teacher from top school is available and accessed worldwide free of cost.

Online website helping students to learn almost everything.  Mobile phones and tablets have replaced text book. Whatever information you need you can search on these digital devices.

This technological boom in education sector is also because of internet, high speed broadband and low price technical devices. School, colleges and institutions are adopting technologies for the betterment of students and educational system.

Few technologies which are used predominantly in education sector are listed here:

Mobile Apps and Tablet devices

Large number of educational mobile apps are developed by software companies and uploaded on Google play store and Apple store every month. Such technologies enabling us to distribute e-learning material across the globe easily. There are apps available for all the subjects like math, English, science etc. These apps are simplified using animations. Most of the people staying in rural areas utilising such apps in a fast pace.

Online LMS Software

Schools, colleges, universities and educational institutions all over the world are integrating LMS into their website to enable access to the students remotely. Videos on multiple courses are available through the LMS platform. High speed internet connection has enabled study material accessible in rural areas. Government is fully supportive to provide educational content to remote areas.

Technical Classroom.

These days innovation has turned out to be an indispensable piece of classroom-based teachings. Today in numerous schools, colleges and educational institutions rather than chalkboard projector screens are utilized for teachings.  Digital devices like mobiles and tablets are used for browsing educational content. Digital devices are used to store data instead of notepad.

Distance education

Distance education adding value to working professional and students in remote areas. Top level institutions are offering such facilities to provide education to working professional and all those people who are either don’t have time or can’t afford expensive class room study. Distance education with the help of latest technology enabling students to interact with teachers remotely. Distance education is a boon for people living in villages as they are able to achieve high education through the help of technology. You get rid of going to class and earn degree sitting at home. Is not it great.

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