Some Important Facts about Hard Money Lending


Hard money lending could be a great option for someone who is self-employed or who has poor credit or has undergone bankruptcy recently or foreclosure sale. However, hard money loans are not supposed to work universally for everyone who requires cash.  Explore some critical facts about hard money loans to determine if they would be right for you.

Some Stringent Requirements but Overall Lenient Regulations

Even though there are not too many rules and regulations, the private money loans do have certain stringent requirements. Generally, conventional loans are underwritten meticulously by the bank and more often than not include several stringent regulations that need to be seriously adhered to. You must realize, that hard money lending offers certain unique terms and conditions that a hard money loan user must necessarily follow.

A majority of the hard money loans seem to be funded by trust deed investors who are people investing some of their spare personal funds for offering hard loans so they have their unique set of loan regulations and requirements. However, generally speaking, hard money loans offer lenient regulations.

While borrowing a hard money loan you would encounter fewer legal requirements as opposed to a traditional bank loan. Traditional lenders and public banks would be subjected to a host of government sanctions that translate to definitely more documentation for you. As the private lender has fewer sanctions to deal with, it automatically implies that you would be having certainly less red tape for tackling and get the money quickly.

Convenient & Easy Loan Approval

Banks and other conventional lenders are interested in your credit score, but private lenders are mostly interested in collateral, and they do not focus on the credit score. A private money lender would be loaning you as per the property’s worth. A hard money lender’s actual focus is on viable equity and not past financial statements.

Broad Spectrum of Property Types

Traditional lending is mostly available to specific commercial properties, single-family homes, etc. If you are interested in investing in any other kind of property, you would need to look elsewhere. Fortunately, private money lenders would be funding property transactions which do not cater to or fulfill conventional parameters. Thanks to a hard money loan, you could now consider investing in a wide diversity of loans right from fixing and flipping properties to the non-owner occupied rentals.

Hard Money Loans Provide Quick Financing

Homeowners who are interested in fixing and flipping property often require responding at once to any opportunity that arises out of the blue. You would need to find fast financing via something such as the residential bridge loans. Time is really precious in these real estate deals. You simply cannot afford to lose any opportunity. You need to arrange fast cash at once when the need arises. Hard money loans are the best for this purpose as they have a super-fast loan approval and hassle-free loan processing.

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Hard Money Loans Offer Flexible Terms

Nothing can beat hard money lending in terms of flexibility. As private lenders do not need to have a standardized underwriting process, it is natural for them to work on purely individual merits of the case. This sort of a personalized process would be giving you an opportunity to keep tweaking precise details and accordingly tailor the terms as per unique requirements. Private loans are usually offered to different people with different terms. There is a host of different terms implying you could talk to your money lender so that he could be customizing the best plan for your unique requirements and capabilities.

Private Money Lenders Are Quite Understanding

Conventional lenders and most public banks do not have the good reputation of being understanding and forgiving in nature. You need to realize that property investments could be quite unpredictable and risky and the market may not be responding as well as expected so the property could be selling for much less than what you had expected. Some mistakes and misjudgments could necessitate more funding. However, with conventional loans, you cannot expect to get any kind of forgiveness. Hard money loans are offered to clients who have failed to meet their terms and conditions. You could now invest in a stress-free manner and boost your income with the best real estate investments simply by using hard money loans.

You Must Perform a Thorough Homework

Before applying for a hard money loan, you must keep certain documents and important papers ready. You must be willing to furnish important personal information along with precise property information and that may include both liabilities and assets. You must go through your credit report meticulously and be prepared with facts and figures so that you could provide the correct information when you are having a meeting with the money lender. Moreover, he would need a property assessment in order to know the exact worth of the property concerned. You must do proper research and invest your time in getting ready with all the information so that there are no hitches at the time of loan approval.

Conclusion: Hard Money Lenders Definitely Are Not Loan Sharks

When we refer to hard money lenders often people have a misconception about them and feel that they are unscrupulous people with connections to the underworld. Often people call hard money lenders loan sharks and this is supposed to be the greatest myth ever. Private money lenders often charge higher interest rates. However, the only way of avoiding the high interest rates is not to go in for the loan but often that is not a feasible option as the value of the opportunity can be too big to me missed out on. It is extremely important that you thoroughly read and understand all the terms and conditions governing the hard money loan as not only can you escape being surprised by hidden charges and penalties but also you can choose a lender that fits your requirement the best. Remember not all lenders are the same, and finding one that’s reliable, transparent, ethical, and reasonable can often be quite difficult.

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