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How to Study Fast and Effectively


Whether you are a student or a professional, you need to study fast to learn new ideas and techniques. Just reading chapter by chapter is not effective. So your question is – How to do effective learning by studying fast.

Why fast learning is important? This is a very important question. Fast learning is important to understand the basic concept of an idea or concept. Fast studying forces you to make a study plan. This plan is crucial for learning. Here are given some tips that will help you to study fast and effectively:

Read the preface first and the title of each chapter and topic- Reading preface is very important to get an overview about a book. Before reading the main content it is important to read the chapter title first and spend some time thing over it. It will let your brain prepare for the deep learning process. Do the same thing with subtitles and summaries.

Fast read the entire book – When you take a book in your hand to read, don’t just start reading chapter by chapter and trying to memorize it. Instead, you need to read the entire book without taking any note or whatsoever. That is how you allow your brain to be prepared for the main and intensified studying process.

Key notes about key ideas that are discussed – After reading the entire book, make notes about the most import ideas discussed in the book. Make a list of all the key concepts and make rough not about what you have learned from the book.

List the key concepts – Make list of the key concepts that are essential to grasp the overall concept of the book. If you don’t understand those concepts search for them and get a clear understanding of all of them.

List the key words – Books that discuss academic subjects, are full with key words that are hard to understand. In that case, make a detailed list of key words and find their meaning and basis understanding. If there are many key words, note down all the key words and write down their actual meaning and concepts behind.

View other opinions – There are many books available on the same subject and the opinions differ from writer to writer. The difference in not big very often, but if you want to develop your own powerful view on something it is crucial to critically comprehend the concept.

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