The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing

ai in digital marketing 2018

Marketing seems to be digital because of the customer’s interaction either via online shopping or social media. In order to carry out these several digital marketing tools is based on artificial intelligence. we can compare   AI with robot and jetson, but AI is much more efficient than that. AI is a wide term that encircles several and approaches within digital marketing.

AI is a regulation of computer science that perform to design an intelligent machine that operates as and response to, human behavior. Machine learning, planning campaign and speech recognition are the most common type of artificial intelligence.AI provide a path to make consumers life easy. once their lives become easy, they are going to treat your business with kindness in future. The real indication of AI is evoking interest, within the digital marketing sphere

How is AI great for digital marketers?

As AI is incorporated with digital marketing to make consumer’s lives easier which could happen only when the digital process works smoothly and effectively.

  1.  A machine can learn fast and figure out the most efficient processes as well as they are not tired of or bored of during repetitive task.
  2. Chances of mistakes come easily when we are tired of doing something, but AI is out of this scenario, it won’t make mistakes if even it does the same work several times.
  3. It provides good customer service that means whenever a customer does a query then customer service agent using AI could response with a solution to the relevant query.
  4. When there is a matter of organizing data then the machine is found better than humans, machine not only organize data rather it is more efficient in recognizing a pattern within it.

Downsides of AI in digital marketing

AI presents us with opportunity as well as a risk of using it.AI technology is still expensive and costly to maintain. The use of AI has reduced the human interaction and thus customers are tired of interacting with the machine. Meanwhile, upcoming AI is reducing jobs for seekers.


As every technology come with some benefit and drawbacks, its success depends on the response of users. Likewise, AI also has its good as well as a bad impact on digital marketing. Though it reduces human effort meanwhile customers are seen less satisfied while interacting with machine related agent than human itself.

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