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The reasons to replace your home router


Technology has gone too far. If we were to think of this in the last few decades, all of these would be no less than a dream. The internet and its technology have changed the whole world like a storm. We are more connected with more knowledge because of the internet. As the day passes, we are more in command of our lives and are doing. We are in an age when we cannot live without the internet. It has more to provide us then we can even know and expect. Every day different modification is on the go to make the world a better place and giving us a better life.

The router is a very helpful technology that changes the way we turn up to the world. Our vision of the world changes or actually is upgraded. We are surrounded by the internet and have been a slave to it. With the technology, we too have to move forward here. Many of us are equipped with the old router and do not know to use the router ip tool. Well, it’s time to change that. Here is the reason why you should change your old router.

Software updates

With the advancement of technology, the world is moving steps forward. As they move forward, the past tends to be ignored and lost. They all are focused on the present and the latest technology. The software updates are the one that keeps you updated with the latest technology. The updates are very important to keep your devices safe and to keep it to the best of its health. However, as time goes, a phase comes when the router can be no more compatible with the latest trend. The devices are then set to necessary security updates or not upgraded at all.

With time, the router has many vulnerable holes that can be exploited easily. In the worst-case scenario, your router serves as a medium to hack into the devices that are connected to it.

Congestion and interference

The older routers that are present are more prone to congestion and interference. This hampers the data communication and makes the data receiving and sending very slow. The old routers are dedicated to the 2.4Ghz band and are a singleband, which the major causefor interference. However, the latest 802.11ac use the 5GHz band, which is the best solution to get reduced interferences. Some modern router is installed with even latest two 5GHz bands to spread over to receiving more data. Having both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band in a signal router gives the option to use either the one. The main cause of congestion is the over the top devices that are connected to the 2.4GHz. This makes the band filled up, so make use of the router ip tool. The data that are transferred over the channel overlap each other and hence the interference. Thus having both the bands on a single device reduces the load on the 2.4GHz band. The devices that work on the 5GHz band operates on that band, thus reducing the load on the 2.4GHz. Hence, if your devices are in the range of 802.11g or 802.11n then you should look into changing it to the advanced version.


Have multiple radios

This technology is called MIMO, Multiple-In-Multiple-Out. This is used as a method to effectively use the multiple radios in the wireless communication. The MIMO utilizes the same protocols that are used in single radio communication to transfer data over the antennas. The multiple radios are very efficient, as a single antenna is not used to transfer the radio signals. To facilitate the process of network congestion the data is organized and send over the multiple antennas to make a faster delivery. The separated radio signals are then reassembled into a single message by the receiving devices. This lowers the load on the single antenna. This increases the bandwidth and range thus reducing the process of interference with other network devices. This really helps you to receive way more fast data transfer in case you are watching Netflix in multiple devices. The multiple antennas distribute the data among the antennas and not focus on transferring the data in from the single antenna. In simple words, the data transfer is distributed rather than congesting commonly from one radio hardware. This reduces the lag in the connection or access to the network.


Better range

If you are using the age-old router then you might use to sitting closer to the router to get access of the internet. It sometimes becomes frustrating that you have to sit near o the router even when you need to get the other chores done. However, the new edition router relives you from that burden. The appreciation goes to the dual radio and the double bands, along with the multiple radios that provide us with much more advantage. The latest routers are great to be used in homes that are big enough because it can easily infiltrate through the walls. You don’t have to be in an open air so that the radio signals don’t have to infiltrate through the walls because the fact is they can’t do that. The radio signals are excessively strong and the data transfer rate is way more then you can imagine.


Specialty features

There are certain special features that are made available to the latest routers. In the past, that was not the case; the router was just meant to access the internet and nothing else. However, the latest router is just a mini-computer that has features to assist you very much. You can set your defined Quality of Services rules. This means that you can direct the router to enable certain features like limit the bandwidth of all the connected device. Alternatively, you can also set the time when some of the devices are disconnected to have a smooth connected and interrupted network. Some security issues can also be solved through this. You can set the devices through their MAC address to limit the number of users that can use the network.This is really safe as it is much easier to hack into devices if one is already on the network. For the external devices, it is really difficult to hack.


The latest routers are more secure than the older version. Hence, it is more likely to be using the latest version to have the latest experience.

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