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Teaching is your hobby or profession and wants to build your career in teaching as a home tutor.

Now you have to receive students for home tuition by the help of your neighborhood, family, and friends. But they cannot give you sufficient students for teaching. If you want huge numbers of students for home tuition for that you need to build a powerful home tutor profile which you will show up in front of parents and students for private home tuition job.

Here is the list of some tips to build a professional home tutors profile.

1.Profile Picture: – This is the first things which are monitor by parents or student when they see your profile. So always try to use a professional, precious and up-to-date profile picture with a clear face. Your profile picture should be in passport size with a professional look. It should not be wear funky looks with sunglasses and weird hairstyles or wearing hats or caps.

2.Perfect Profile Title: – Most of the time teachers or tutors write only generic tile in profile title like math’s tutor, physic teacher, teaching is passion and most of the time it left blank.

So always try to write the attractive title with details which give the clear message that the tutor is qualified, have the experience, and what subjects he/she is taken in tutoring.

Example: – M.Sc. Physics, 7 Years of experience in teaching Science and Physics subject.

3. About Us/ Bio:- About us is one of the most important parts of your profile because it provides complete details about your education, qualifications, experience, expertise in the subject and all other things. Through this section, any parents or students easily know and identify all the aspects of your personality like teaching subjects and experience. Also, include some question in this part likes

• Why learners take learning lessons from you?
• How would you support students in obtaining excellent results
• What ability or expertise make you suitable

4.Preferred Home Tutoring Areas: – This is another important factor which you need to involve in your profile because when parents or students search private home tutor for tutoring at their nearest location which will come at their doorstep and provides home tuition for kids. Then they will be preferred to hire you.

If you are going to student’s doorstep to take home tuition, you should consider the following points.

• Your service location or areas name where you have to provide tutoring.
• Suitable Tutoring Time
• Qualifications, Degrees, Certificates, and Diplomas
• Tutoring Fee

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