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Top 5 Android Spy Apps You Can’t Miss in 2017


If you are familiar with location-based services, then spying apps must not come as a surprise to you. The new wave of innovation is integrating latest technologies and monitoring tactics into the gadgets.

Spying is an activity that demands ingenious ways of keeping the target party in oblivion. Though, it is often used as a negative connotation but spying today also serves an innocent purpose. Whether you are a concerned parent, jealous partner, or a zealous boss, a spy app can satisfy you with its creative uses. The long-standing human imagination has now become an augmented reality as an android app connects the digital content of a tech gadgets with the physical world.

From among a plethora of spy apps, we have curated for you 5 best android monitoring software to effortlessly spy on your kids, employees, or spouses. Brief reviews of each of the app will help you make an informed purchase decision.

Let’s take a look at them!

  1. Xnspy


With its preeminent features, Xnspy is designed to offer endless possibilities and uses. It is one of the leading monitoring software that aim to work undetectably. Xnspy offers remote and discreet monitoring via web-based control panel called Dashboard Monitoring. It is indeed an inexpensive tool that offers a good value for your money. Apart from text monitoring, location tracking, internet surveillance, etc. Xnspy offers some distinctive features. These include call and surrounding recordings that are all automated; watch-list alerts on calls, messages and location; and geo-tagging (an icon which determines the exact location of a message sender/receiver when a particular message was sent/received). All these features can be used by tech-wizards and less savvy people alike, only if the target device is rooted. Otherwise a limited number of features will be available for users if they are spying on a Non-rooted android device.

Although it offers an intuitive user interface, Xnspy does not provide a free trial and has strict refund options. It also allows real-time monitoring and reporting only when a device is rooted. Overall, the app is a cinch to install and offers a clear set of instructions to walk you through the installation process. It’s a decent pick to curb the prevalence of social evils in the society.

 2. TheOneSpy

theonespy app

TheOneSpy is one of the most reliable cell phone spy apps rightly available in the spy market. This is intended for legitimate monitoring of cell phones of children and workers. The spy software is compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones running different versions of the operating system. The cell phone tracking software comes preloaded with numerous features allowing the end-user to monitor and manage the cell phone of someone else. The spy app lets you track and control the targeted device via online portal. You can log into that portal from any mobile phone or computer device to see the data synced from monitored cell phone and send commands to that device.

The Android monitoring solution of TheOneSpy comes preloaded with numerous innovative features letting the end-user to monitor every single activity performed on the targeted device. It allows spying on social media apps including Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Tinder. It also allows tracking instant messaging apps including WhatsApp, Line, Viber, IMO, Snapchat, Telegram, Kik, Yahoo messenger, Hangout, Hike and Zalo. The end-user of the spy app can track online individual and group chats of children and workers by tracking the social messengers installed on the monitored cell phone.

  3. Mspy


A simplistic monitoring software, Mspy is popular among customers, all over the world. All you have to do is install the spy app in the target phone and it will begin covert monitoring. It includes a number of features such as monitoring texts and chats, tracking location, browsing internet activities, etc. It offers remote monitoring as the customers can keep a watch over their targets through online console. What’s interesting about the app is that it allows restriction of incoming calls. It also enables the users to monitor internet usage of targets via Wi-Fi networks.

However, you have to root the Android device to avail all the features of Mspy. It also does not support older versions of Android software so you have to be very careful about these factors in a target phone. The app is ideal for tech savvy users with its expensive pricing policy.

 4. Flexispy


Flexispy is an advanced spying software in the world. It allows you to monitor each and every movement of your target through a web browser. It is a feature-rich app that offers an extensive range of features, a lot more than Mspy and other apps. Apart from its powerful display there are some features that enable Flexispy to stand out among other apps. Call Intercept is its feature which allows the user to listen to live phone call whenever it happens. It also offers keylogger, a password cracker that can help you detect all the passwords in the target phone including those of emails, social messaging apps, etc.

Since Flexispy offers smart features, it requires initial configuration after installation of the app. This is something a bit technical as some more steps are required to begin spying. Also, the app is quite expensive, staying ahead in the pricing competition.

 5. Highster mobile

One of the best reputed spying apps, Highster mobile is packed with all the necessary features. It comes with a complete package offering clear-cut instructions, state-of-the-art features and a powerful interface. What’s interesting is the fact that unlike other monitoring software, Highster mobile charges a one-time subscription fee. Therefore, it is ideal for budgeted users. Many people prefer this spying app because it does not require rooting of the phone to access all its features. The good news for all non-technical users is that you simply have to install the spy app, activate the license code and begin spying.

However, the app is not flawless. It does not offer any free trial to the customers nor does it provide live technical support in case of queries or problems. This is actually a big loophole the spy app needs to take care of in order to keep pace with other apps.

 6. Phonesheriff

A great monitoring and tracking software, Phonesheriff lets you spy on all the activities of the target on any Android phone. Apart from the usual features found in other apps like monitoring call logs, viewing texts and chats, location tracking, web browsing, etc. there are some additional features that enables the app to offer diverse uses. One of these features include granular time controls so that you can limit the smartphone usage of your target. It is specifically a parental control app that not only monitor’s but also restricts the unapproved activities of a child.

The bad? It takes patience to install Phonesheriff. The whole procedure in not only a tad long but also quite complicated. Moreover, blocking websites is also difficult. There’s too much to manage so its cumbersome to see what’s been blocked or what’s been allowed. Online filters can be either hit or miss.


Knowledge is power. In the current techno-digital era, spyware technology extracts all sorts of information from a target device to expose all their secrets. These undetectable spying applications work best on all android smartphones. They are all reliable programs that can help you snoop into a person’s life. You can choose the app based on your needs and requirements. Let us know if you’ve used any of these apps or if we’ve left any of the good ones from our top 5 list.

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